Slot review

RTP 96.4%
volatility ALTO

Money Train 2

Play Money Train 2 for Relax Gaming for free means living an adventure in a distant West Something Frankly, which we could categorize as Steampunk. Try it to start play!

The Numbers of Money Train 2

It is a five-roller slot and four heights that offers us the possibility of winning, nothing less than until x50 000 our bet. A fantastic prize.

The RTP is 96.4%, a good figure, and 40 pay lines are taken into account. The bets range from 10 cents at 20 euros.

Special functions - the assault on the train

If two bonus symbols come out, the Regiro is activated. The bonus symbols will become multipliers and will be added to apply to the region of the Region. If the Region does not give a prize, the multiplier is increased in a unit and another is made until one award, at which time the multiplier will be applied and the function will end.

With three bonus symbols, you enter the car's car. The bonus symbols will show a multiplier and start three free runs in which the multiplier is already fixed.

In these runs there are no symbols of the base game, but there are special symbols. The most usual is a multiplier, but there are others as a symbol that gives you an extra roll named Reset Plus, the Payer symbol (adds a prize to all the symbols that have appeared), Collector (shows a value to which it adds the value Of all the symbols that have appeared), collector / payer (first sum the value of all the symbols and then applies it to all the symbols), Sniper (double the value of between 3 and 8 symbols), Necromancer (revives between 2 and 7 Symbols of the already appeared to be applied again). In addition, Payer and Sniper have a persitant version, which means that it applies to this turn and the next.

Each time a multiplier appears, the rolls are reset to 3, but, for example, if at some point the symbol that gives an extra run appears, will become 4 and each time they are reset, they will do it to 4.

If all the symbols of a roller are filled, an extra roller appears, something that can happen on two occasions. The bonus ends when you consume all the runs followed without a prize or when you fill out the entire multipliers screen, which would pay you x500 the bet.

We know that it is complicated, it is better that you see it playing for free, but here stay with the idea that you can concatenate many positive functions and with luck the prize can go up a lot.


This game has a good design that manages to introduce us to your storyline, without great exuberance. The animations during the game are very simple. They highlight more transitions when they start playing and when entering the bonus. The music is animated and is well complemented with the sound effects.

The symbols are different characters from the band that is available to assault the train.

The prizes, up to x50,000

There is no doubt that the maximum prize is very attractive and the rtp enough so that it wants to play, but what about the base game?

Well, it offers discrete prizes, such as X20 by five appearances of the symbol that best pays and x10 for five appearances of the following.

Review of Money Train 2 of Relax Gaming

It is worth trying and playing Money Train 2 for Relax Gaming for free. It is a game with an aesthetic that you will like a lot of Steampunk lovers and that the rest will see original.

The game itself does not offer great novelties, but an X50,000 prize and an RTP of 96.4% can be good reasons to try luck.

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