Slot review

RTP 96.13%
volatility ALTO

Mystic Hive

Join the Abajas of the Mystic Hive slot in its eagerness by filling the honeyhole for the winter. The first thing that is sure is the attention is that the rollers actually have the shape of a hive, with 5 rollers forming a hexagon in 3-4-5-4-3 format. The combinations are produced in both directions, by proximity of equal symbols: what is usually known as cluster payments. In total, there are 30 possible different combinations per run.

You can play betting between 10 cents and € 90 per run, for a maximum prize of X243. It is a machine with high volatility and an RTP that is around 96%. It is very well designed and is pleasant to play, but definitely its design with quiet and laborious bees and its technical characteristics do not seem very balanced.

Giros Gratis Mystic Hive

To get a round of free turns you will have to fill the honeycomb. Your meter is located in the bottle on the right where the beads that appear on the screen are depositing honey. When the machine is complete, it will reward you with 5 free spins with bonus.

Best of Mystic Hive

During the free spins, in each combination that implies wildcards, these will be stocked in the boxes where they appear and after posting the payment will make the other symbols of the winning line become also watertight jokes for the next roll. The function is perpetuated while you continue to win or until you finish the free turns.

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