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RTP 96.23%
volatility Media

Reel King Megaways

Reel King Megaways is a slot of those of all life with their watermelons and cherries. But do not think that inspired gaming developers have been accommodated. In this game, there are good special functions. You can try them by playing Reel King Megaways for free! Or if you want, we explain them to detail in our review.

Reel King Megaways statistics

This slot has 117,649 different ways to win. In order for all those combinations to be possible, the game network has six rollers whose heights vary in each roll between two and seven. In addition, at the top there is an extra horizontal roller that confers a height more to the rollers 2, 3, 4 and 5. All this, for a more worthy RTP amounting to 96.23%.

Possible bets range from 20 cents at 20 euros.

Special functions

In the base game we have the waterfall function that consists that the symbols of a winning combination disappear so that they fall more and a new combination can be formed.

In addition, randomly, between zero and six rollers will appear in yellow and for each waterfall that there is an extra roller yellow. If the six rollers were put on yellow, the Reel King function would be activated. If there was still one more waterfall, the Super King function would be activated and with another mega King.

In the Reel King function appear between one and six kings at the top of the roller and they spin. There will be sietes of different colors: blue, yellow and red. The best combination is to remove three red sietes that will pay 10 times the total bet. In addition, the king will move through a list of numbers that symbolizes the amount of free bonus rolls. If three rollers are illuminated, the king advances a position on the list of numbers and if a winning combination does not come out and has less than three illuminated rollers will disappear, passing the turn to the next king if there is.

The bonus of the free runs follows the same logic, only that on this occasion every time a roller lights up, it is no longer turned off until the end of the function. If the six rollers are illuminated, a king appears in the middle of the screen that will give you between one and three more free kicks and a multiplier from zero to three.

The prizes obtained during the function can be bet on a roulette that offers the option of getting even more free thrown out.

The difference between Reel King, Super King and Mega King is that in the first there will be one or two kings, in the second two or three and in the third between three and six.


The design is quite simple with the symbols of a lifetime: a bag of money, A, K, Q, cherries, a blue fruit, a watermelon, 9, 10 and J.

There is no background music, but sound effects when rotating the rollers, illuminating, dropping the symbols, obtaining prizes or when the symbols are removed in the waterfall function.


The best symbol is the bag with gold coins. Pay X50 for six appearances, x25 for five and x10 by four. The next best symbol is the AS paid X7.5 by six appearances.

Opinion de Reel King Megaways

If you like classic slots, this offers your aesthetics but with enough innovations in its special functions as well as it is quite entertaining. The base game awards are not very high, but in the bonus you can get something interesting.

You can play Reel King Megaways for free by giving you a game.

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