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RTP 94.08%
volatility Media

Rio Riches – Stacked Up

The legendary carnival of Rio is a unique moment in the Brazilian calendar, but also from the whole world. The Sambódromo becomes the world epicenter of a party that seems to have no limit. Ainsworth takes the fun of the carnival to a fantastic slot machine online to which we have been playing the last days and from which we bring you our opinions. Do you come to dance the samba?

River Riches Riches Stacked Up

Ainsworth is one of the most trajectory slot machines creators of all online. The creations of it are characterized by very colorful colors and nice animations and river Riches Stacked Up is no exception. This slot machine is a classic 5 columns and three rows and 30 prize lines in the normal game and up to 90 in the bonus game.

But we go to the graphics that follow the wake of other games of the same company, both for the good and the bad. In the good are the graphics, which with a very Las Vegas style are not going to disappoint you, but in the bad we have the lack of animations and music again. The animations are limited to the prizes themselves and do not excel too much, especially if we compare with other websites. Regarding sound unfortunately, there is no soundtrack that accompanies the game, which remains a spectacularity to the machine.

As for the dynamics of the game we can not say that we are facing a superb machine, but rather the opposite. The Slot Machine Rio Riches Stacked Up is a machine with few extra options and few surprises. The runs are really conservative offering a maximum bet of € 36. On the other hand, the machine has 10 figures: the usual deck of French cards that are in the lower part of the prizes and five other thematic, which are in the upper part of the prizes. If you want to know the prizes, press the 'I' button and you can access the list of rules and figures.

This game allows you to play both in Autoplay mode, and from any mobile device or computer to have been programmed in HTML5 and not Flash. So, you will not have to install an extra application to play the free option of this slot machine from wherever you want.

Bonuses and extras

As we said this slot machine RIO RICHES STACKED UP does not have great extra options and has the usual figures. Among those who will surely recognize all the players, is the Wild - the golden beach - replaced the beach figure. The scatter figure can appear in any position and is combined with the adjacent figures, except other scatter and bonus figures. Among them is the stacked up figure, which when it appears 3 or more times the 10 free runs starts. This free-run game has own rules and figures.

Among them we have that Figure Stacked Up becomes Figure Wild or Wild Scatter.

Rio Riches Stacked Up: Our verdict

The Aisnworth machines do not stand out for their spectacularity, but for its simplicity. In the different review we have always noted that it is slot machines to start or have a good time of leisure. If you expect great prizes or additional games, this slot is not for you.

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