Slot review

RTP 95.8%
volatility ALTO

Spinfinity Man

This Betsoft slot appeared in the summer of 2019 and was surprised to contribute some of the most original mechanics we have seen, all thanks to the superpowers of its protagonist, Spinfinity Man. Many prizes and emotion in one of the funniest slots we have tried.

Dare to use your superpowers with responsibility and discover what Spinfinity Man has to offer you in prizes in this honest review of Betsoft's slot.

The superpowers and the spinfinity man superpowers

Betsoft is a developer who always has digital slot machines that take advantage of their themes with very good taste, and we are facing one of their best examples. The graphics are clean and clear, the designs distill a lot of personality and are visty without being excessive. In this game all the elements of the screen, including the buttons themselves and markers are completely worked with a lot of style.

The music on the other hand is perfect for your heroic setting, although the sound of the prizes is a bit excessive in its appearances and it sometimes causes a bit. But, it does not tarnish the mime with which the entire audiovisual section is worked.

The operation of this online slot is very particular, is based on the roller system by waterfall, that is, that the figures fall and crowd into the rows and each time they form prize lines disappear by dropping further rows and facilitating the combos . In this sense we find 7 rollers and 7 rows, a huge board in which to easily get many combinations and prizes.

For this we will always have to get clusters of at least 4 figures in adjoining positions. This greatly increases the possibility of small prizes in all the runs. There are many figures, so the game balances a lot. They are divided into:

  • 4 figures of the J to low value
  • 3 medium value thematic figures
  • A high value figure
  • Una super wild
  • 3 Figures of 2 × 2 of superpowers
  • Figuras free spins de Mr X
  • 3 2 × 2 figures of Mr. X attacks

There are several types of bonus, the first is the fan, which is about the appearance of Fan Girl when a cluster explosion is achieved, the more you explode from more enchanted will be marking some random figures of the rollers, these will end up exploiting when There are no more combos in the roll, offering safe prizes.

Another bonus are the superheroes of which there are 3, Laser Ray that makes two rollers or two rows disappear. Explosion of ice, which breaks the figures around it. Telepathy, which makes all the figures of a particular random type of the board disappear.

Then there is the Bonus mode of fight against Mr.X the evil Archienemigo of our protagonist. To achieve this mode you must fill the Villain Trail, which acts cumulatively and is shown to the right of the board. In this mode, 10 free runs are given and it is easy to get super combos. Here you act the special figures of attacks of Mr. X: Laser, pump and X-ray that do the same as laser beam, ice and telepathy.

Finally, there is a special bonus to throw the coin that can make duplicate the value of all the prizes achieved and in which we can bet half of what we have earned or all.

Our verdict on the spinfinity man digital slots

We can not more than recommend spinfinity man, it is a very well designed slot from the visual until in its mechanics that become a prize festival. Your RPT could be higher, it is 95.80%, but its prizes are very, very high, reaching up to 5038 times the value bet.

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