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RTP 96%
volatility Media

The Angler

The world of fishing is not usually a very common theme in games of any kind, and of course in this aspect we include online casino games that we like so much. Betsoft wanted to take this around this with The Angler, a very special video slot machine in its ambience, but very traditional in everything else.

Come fishing awards with us in this review about The Angler, Betsoft's online slot.

Online slots The Angler, a nice game about the world of fishing

As always, the first thing that catches us the attention of a digital slot is your presentation. In the case of The Angler we find ourselves before one of the best graphic aspects he has gotten Betsoft so far. While sometimes it is a bit static, this slot has some very well achieved 3D designs, with a Cartoon touch very typical of DreamWorks productions and with some very nice and detailed occasional animations. The music on its part meets and the sound effects are pleasant, perfect for long sessions without getting tired.

As for the rules, we are facing a very traditional video slot machine. With 5 rollers and 3 rows, it allows you to select in the bet the number of prize lines, from 1 to a pretty low maximum today today. This traditional aspect is also very visible in its symbols:

  • 4 low-value symbols with the reals of the French deck.
  • 5 high-value thematic symbols with animals and the protagonist as the greatest of them.
  • The wild card or Wild, intelligently starred by an octopus (we will tell you why).
  • The Bonus symbol.
  • The scatter symbol or free pulled.

At the level of bonuses the game is very classic, it has two types. The main one is the one that appears with the scatter symbols. In this mode 8 free runs are given in which the octopus (WILD) is fixed on its site, thereby increasing the possibilities of removing award-winning lines. In this mode you can also exit more scatters that are more free thrown.

The other move to the fisherman to a boat to try to fish the best prizes, with an initial one of 1x times the bet value that is multiplying x2 if good choices are achieved. For this you have to select whether to pull the rope or if you let go, having 3 fault possibilities and a maximum of 3 successes, in this case the prize will multiply by x8.

In addition to these modes, in the normal runs with award there is the option to bend this in a game to face or cross that allows us to bet the total or half of the prize. A good extra for those willing to risk more to earn more.

Fortunately, the game has a high half 97.10% RTP and a high average volatility. What makes it a good game for any type of player.

The Angler, our verdict

The Angler is a good slot machine for online casinos that has been available for 3 years and, on a visual level, has aged very well. However, a more original and different work would have been grateful in the aspect of the bonuses and other rules of game, as it feels too traditional.

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