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RTP 96%
volatility ALTO

The Curious Cabinet

Most of slots we play are divided into 3 types of thematic, a cheerful and carefree, another epic very in vogue today and another that honors the classic style of these roller machines. That is why this development of Iron Dog Studio has been caught when the mystery and terror occupy the interior of a cabinet in which, in addition to prizes and figures, there are scares.

If you are a curious, brave and daring person, accompany us to open The Curious Cabinet in this honest review.

Slots in the curious cabient, scares and great prizes in a terrifying machine

If you are a unmanned person to the scares and tense environments and terror, we already advanced that this digital slot machine will not be a pleasant experience. If, on the other hand, you enjoy these genres in literature, cinema and / or video games, you are in luck, this game has all the ingredients you need to spend a good enough time. The illustrations are very achieved and the animations that accompany them are tenebrous and very well worked.

The sound also accompanies perfectly with a tension melody and continuous mystery in the background that does not become too repetitive and with sound effects that protrude without being annoying, although it is prepared for more than one scare in the form of a scream or blow.

The operation and rules of the game are very simple at the same time as addictive, with a worthy bonus of what is expected of an experience like this. To begin with, we are before the classic game of 5 rollers with 4 rows in which up to 20 prize lines can be formed. To achieve the prizes you have to remove at least 3 equal figures from the left on the lines. The figures are very original and distributed as follows:

  • 3 low-value thematic figures in the form of butterfly tree, heart and toad.
  • 3 Medium value figures with a crystal ball shape, potion and skull.
  • The cane, which occupies 2 rows and has the highest value
  • The Wild Cards that are roses.
  • the scatter that there are several types:
    • The wrists that can occupy up to 4 rows, with a very high scatter value.
    • The monsters, who occupy two rows and if they are awarded end up occupying two rollers, becoming a 2 × 2 figure.
  • The silver drawer, a figure that appears randomly in the rollers 2 and 4, can carry free circles, multipliers x2 and re-spins in which the Wild are maintained.
  • Golden drawer, it only appears in free runs and offers X5 multipliers.

As seen, it is a game that is committed to innovating in the number of figures of diverse effects and bonus you use. In addition to this special use of the expanded figures it also has a very fun and full-fledged mode of prizes. In this mode a row will appear more than gold and silver drawer, in each roll one of these will open revealing the prize or bonus that it takes. In addition, new types of Wild will appear in the form of a carnivorous plant that expands throughout the roller, can appear up to 3, ensuring many prize lines.

Betting can be from 0.4 to 50 coins and running prizes are up to 40,000 coins, that is, up to 800 times the value of the bet, which represents a very high prize. All this happens in a game of very high volatility with a rather adjusted RTP of 96%. A machine suitable for expert players or accustomed to this type of returns.

The Curious Cabinet, our verdict

With a very original atmosphere in the world of online slots, The Curious Cabinet has surprised us in many of its facets. Get some little scare, it is full of prizes and the value of the figures varies very markedly, making each roll a very particular play. A good machine with which to pass the worst game time in an online casino.

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