Slot review

RTP 96.11%
volatility ALTO

TNT Tumble

The Tnt Tumble Slots play on an idyllic mountain landscape, at the entrance of an industrial mine. The 5 rollers up to 7 heights are full of rocks that contain gold and silver nuggets, as well as precious stones.

The design of this dynamite slot has led to a 96.11% RTP and medium-high volatility, with a prize frequency of 28.91. That means you get prizes to something more than 3 half-drawn. The maximum Award Available will multiply your bet x2088, betting between 1 cent and € 100 per turn.

You start playing in a 5 × 4 that can be extended to a 5 × 7. Forms Combination by grouping 3 or more equal symbols (cluster), which means there are no pay lines. If there is no winning combination, all the symbols fall into the mine, but if you want a cascade reaction.

Indestructible wildcards for an awards cascade

The waterfall engine of this gemstone mine is activated when you get a winning combination. Then the winning symbols are dynamited, and the rest remain frozen while in the holes deaf by the prizes new symbols fall from above. Everything happens in the same run, and does not stop until you stop getting winning combinations with the new symbols that are falling.

The wildcards of the TNT Tum slot are, literally, indestructible. They have the shape of an excavator hammer and in addition to replacing any payment symbol, they are also the symbol that best pays per combination. They appear stacked and embedded each other on the rollers, and do not disappear with the back of the cascade engine, only 1 position down.

Giros Free TNT Tumble

To start a round of free tint turns you will need to get rid of the gray stone blocks. Each time a roller is mine because you have achieved a winning combination that reaches the gray stones of the background, there is a blasting of each gray stone touched by the combination, and a round of free turns. There are 3 different free spins options.

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The best and the worst of tnt tumle

  • The average volatility makes the base game is not very exciting, but enough to capture your attention for a while.
  • The three free spins options are different, but in our opinion the one really worth it is the one that has multipliers.
  • If you do not get activated several times the free turns, the game stays a bit short.
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