Slot review

RTP 96.12%
volatility ALTO

Viking Travel

The Vikings are fashionable, more and more series, movies, novels and video games resort to these mythical explorers and warriors to set their epic stories. In the world of online casinos, they have also become one of the most common themes to provide a certain grandiosity and mood of adventure to slots. It is the case of Viking Voyage, a slot that takes this setting to make your game experience even more intense.

Get on Drakar and explore new lands to discover Viking Voyage treasures in this analysis.

Viking Voyage online slot, a profitable journey

As we have already said in the introduction of this review, digital slot machines have often gone to the setting we find in this game, the Vikings. However, Viking Voyage is committed to a more sweetest version of these famous warriors and explorers. His illustrations have a tone closest to traditional animated cartoon, that is, more cartoon. Despite this bet on a more casual tonic, at a visual level this machine does not stand out especially. It has semi-dynamic funds, with an animated three-dimensional water that does not just marry the rest of the elements on the screen. The figures, on the other hand, are not animated in general and are somewhat tosque, looking to fit into the classic stone style the Cartoon touch and shipwrecked between both waters.

Fortunately, the sound section improves and a lot of the presentation of this slot, with a tonadilla that gives righteous at the nail when it comes to encouraging playing and showing this more adventurous and children's version of the Nordic barbarians. In addition, it is not repetitive and perfectly accompanies the bonuses and prizes.

But let's talk about the aspect that makes the adventures that wait for the player at the Viking Voyage controls, the game mechanics. This slot takes the way that others call megaways to get an unusual amount of prize lines. We are talking about 243 prize lines on a 5-rollers machine and 3 rows. This is achieved by making them valid at least 3 equal figures in consecutive rollers. The game has very common figures, distributed as follows:

  • 5 low-value figures with the reals of the deck.
  • 3 medium value thematic figures showing Viking objects.
  • 3 thematic figures of high value with characters.
  • WILD
  • Raven Scatter.
  • Long Boat Bonus.

As seen in the figures, there are modes of differentiated bonus. To start your own Wild have one, and that, if 3 appear in the same roller, these will be fixed in a new roll without cost for the player. The other is given by the figures of Raven Scatter, that is, crows. These give large prizes. Finally, if you take a long Boat Bonus in the first and last roller, you will enter the free kick mode. In this way there are more possibilities to get Wilds, with which the possible prizes increases, as well as the special runs by getting 3 wilds on a roller. In addition, they have the runs with a multiplier X3.

All these bonuses appear quite often, since we are facing a digital slot of high volatility and with an RTP in the average, specifically 96.12%. Bets can go from 0.10 to 10 coins, although there is an option to bend them. The prizes can reach up to 3,000 times the amount bet, which means a very interesting possibility.

Viking Voyage, our verdict

We are facing a slot that takes one of the most common settings to generate an experience full of prizes. With a presentation that, frankly, could be more worked, it raffle this lack of attractiveness with a game mechanics that often benefit the player and with bonus systems that are not revolutionary, they are always very exciting.

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