Do you want to know the new slots?

If the world of slots progresses and you stay behind, do not stop reading this article about the latest trends in these machines.

The tragaperras o slots They have become the indisputable queens of online casinos. There are so many types, shapes and colors as users willing to try them, and the whopping 50 new machines per month is launched. Language lovers look for fresh games, which vary and be able to surprise them. Do you want to know how the developers do it? Well, do not forget to read!

What providers are developing new slots?

Software developers know that to stay in the slot market, they have to put on the batteries and give users what they want: innovative machines, unusual functions, innovative themes, etc.

Nowadays, some of the most productive suppliers are great giant, as Microgaming O Netent, and other companies also well known and perhaps bet more for innovation, as Betsoft, NYX Gaming, Play’n GO O Playtech.

For example, the conflict microgaming launched during the first quarter of this year a pair of slots: Fruit vs. Candy and Secret Romance. Later, in May, other titles went to the market: Candy Dreams, Forbidden Throne and Fortune Girl. Although we have nothing wrong with saying about them, it is true that we think they could have risked a little more with the themes. For his part, Netent launched Divine Fortune and a renewed version of the successful Gonzo Quest adapted to virtual reality. Playtech, a famous company for its machines inspired by movies and series, launched Man of Steel from the hand of DC and Warner Brothers.

The most "modest" developers - in the sense that they are not so well known, that they have been in the market for less years or that they have less media - they have not been left behind. The new creations of Yggdrasil, Thunderkick or Boongo stand out, among others.

Fashion themes

Thematic slots are a relatively recent innovation introduced by software developers for casinos. Although they have been surprising for a few years with the most innovative themes, it is true that each season should be overcome themselves so as not to stop surprising their users.

There are issues that interest the players at a given time without knowing very well why. It is the case of ancient Egypt, of Nordic mythology or other themes related to fantasy. Normally, this type of success usually has to do with cinematographic launches or related literature.

On the other hand, we have the slots inspired by series or success movies, and also in musical bands. This year Jurassic World, Gladiator, planet of the apes, the beautiful and the beast, planet Emoji or game of thrones. Does any of these popular movies sound like? So yes?

The most innovative functions

As we have already mentioned, the slots have to surprise their players to succeed. The most recent try to draw the attention of users improving image effects and animations, and trying that slots is more fun and interactive.

For example, introduce new bonus rounds that increase the chances of winning the player. In the past, this type of "minigames" integrated in the Slots consisted basically in pressing a button and waiting for the result -cructing their fingers. Now they are much more interactive, more complex and much more fun games, no doubt.

They have also increased the lines of payment notably, which in the past did not exceed the trio and now they can be several tens - some machines have even 100-. The most modern and most modern slots that are being launched, offer users even a thousand winning ways.

New functions make machines more complex and make them potentially more fun. There will be players who consider things have already gone "too far", especially the most veterans or perhaps newcomers. As a consolation, we can tell them that the classic machines will always be left.

New promotions

Of course, all the investment that developers perform to launch new slots must be promoted. How would you learn if not the players that there are "fresh meat" in the market? How were they going to become a success?

Both suppliers and casinos continue to rely on the ability of bonuses and promotions to attract both new players and the most veterans. While nobody bitter a sweet, not all of them are attracted by the same type of bonus. It is for this reason that there is an offer designed for each type of player.

In the case of slots, which is the one who concerns us, the offers of free runs are very popular. Sometimes they simply serve to try new machines and other times they can be used to multiply your chances of winning.

There are also bonds without deposit, which are usually offered so that players try new titles without having to bet their money. One of our preferred promotions are tournaments, which increase the emotion of the game, competitiveness between players - realizing that online bets are a little less solitary - and enhance the profits.

As you see, the new slots bring with them many novelties. Do not hesitate to take advantage of the offers to try the new releases, you may have the slot of your life ends up going on the market!