What is the RTP and how to make sure to get the most out of the slot

The RTP percentage of a slot is one of its most important features to take into account before deciding to bet. The acronym of the "Return to Player" (in Australian Theoretical Return to the player) tell you how to profitable it is a slot.

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What does RTP mean in a slot?

When you are looking for information about slots, the percentage of RTP is one of the first data you find. As you probably already know, it is the rate of return of a game. But if you do not know exactly what this number means you're in luck! Because in this article we explain step by step what it is, how it is calculated and why it is so important.

Actually, understand what RTP means it is very easy if an example is used: Imagine that during a game session you bet 100 coins. If the RTP of the slots is 95%, the statistic says that it is most likely that when the game is finished you are 95 coins.

Of what depends on the RTP to be fulfilled

The RTP, as its own name suggests, is a theoretical fact. Obviously the result of each game is different: the RTP only tells you what is the balance that the players get on average, but (following with the previous example) there is one who loses more than 95 coins, and there is also one who takes home more of 100.

Think that if the RTP was always fulfilled at Rajatabla, no one would ever win playing the slots. To bet I would have no emotion, because you would know in advance what is going to happen.

Fortunately in all casino games, luck can make everything change, and as each game is different, the final result can never be exactly the same. Let's see how the RTP is calculated and what factors intervene so that at the end of a game session, your figures approach more or less to yours.

Laws in force and unwritten rules on the RTP

Something we have not mentioned about the RTP, is that the operators of Australian casinos are obliged to inform about it in all the games they offer. Here we have focused on the RTP of the slot, but the truth is that all casino games have their own RTP Who is responsible for calculating it and verifying that corresponds to reality?

Obviously, the higher the RTP of a game, the more attractive results for the players. Likewise, if an operator offers games with a low RTP, in principle the profits of it will be higher but in the long run the players finish tiring before their machines.

That's why the calculation of the RTP is something that should not be done lightly, hence the Software Suppliers for Slots Take into account the balance between the interests of the players and the casino. The secret to satisfy both parties is to create exciting games, with an RTP that approaches 100%, but always keep below it.

How is the percentage of theoretical return calculated to the player?

Determining the exact percentage that corresponds to the RTP of each game is relatively simple: ultimately a significant series of game sessions is enough to be activated by all the bonus games and extra functions of the slot.

The general RTP for that slot will be the result of the average of all the results obtained in each of the items. The items for the calculation of the RTP are played exactly as when you are committed to real money:

  1. The game version is the same as when playing with real money from any device.
  2. The maximum bet is selected.
  3. All pay lines or combinations available are activated.
  4. It is played for a long period.

To summarize, the result of this statistical research is a figure that tells you what percentage you have to win when you play putting all the meat on the spine and for a long time. That's why you often find yourself with texts where you talk about "maximum RTP".

But the truth is that we do not always play in this way. What happens when you do not activate all the pay lines, or play with the minimum bet that is permitted per run? The RTP in these cases is different, and as a lower general norm. That is the reason that in some sites it has begun to be required to be required that the RTP is expressed in ranges and not in absolute figures.

Perhaps you have found Slot credits in which the RTP is indicated between 92.6 and 96.4%. It means that if you play for a short time or in a limited game to the base game, the RTP will be 92.6%. But if you prolong the session enough to benefit from all the bonuses of the mini games, special symbols and the full functions of the machine, the average will rise up to 96.4%.

Why the percentage of RTP is reliable

When a company like Playtech or Netent develops a new slot, from the beginning it has in mind what the game's RTP is going to be. Studies have their own statistical laboratory to provide their software for a specific RTP, which indicate operators when they sell games for their casinos.

However, if you play in regulated jurisdictions (as it happens in Australia with the Dgs), You can be sure that the RTP of the Games and other aspects such as the operation of its RNGS will have been verified by at least one independent laboratory of the brand that manufactured it and the casino that offers it.

These are international companies specifically dedicated to this work, such as GLI, BMM Testlabs, Trisigma Q3 ... who test the games verifying that their characteristics fulfill everything necessary to be considered gambling.

The next step to see if the characteristics of the machines are true and are adapted to the rules of each jurisdiction, come from the hand of the administration of each country. And in those places where there is no government institution dedicated to regulating the game, those responsible for this procedure are the respective Gaming Councils.

Know the "casino advantage"

In opposition to the RTP, the advantage of the house is the theoretical percentage that each player loses on average. We do not deceive ourselves, the RTP is expressed so that the result after betting sounds positive for the player, that is, tells you the money you are going to recover. But as you have already realized, it is always lower than the initial amount you bet.

Do not go crazy looking, because there are no games with an RTP equal to or greater than 100%. That would mean that the casino would lose with them more than he would win and unfortunately, no one gives away money.

If we turn the RTP, we obtain the corresponding number to what is known as "advantage of the house". Calculate the advantage of the casino from the RTP is very easy: For a slot with 95% RTP, the advantage of the house is 5% (100-95 = 5). And you should never forget that this figure is only valid for ideal game conditions.

For example, some games like blackjack They have an RTP very close to 100% whenever you play with a perfect strategy. The same happens with the French roulette, which by having a single zero reduces the advantage of the house compared to the American Roulette or dual zero.

Why is the RTP important?

Well, after reading the previous paragraphs you could fall into the temptation not to consider the percentage of the Games, and throw you intuitively to try your luck without more. It is true that although it is calculated in a scientific manner, the% only predicts what will probably happen in the long term and playing with concrete options.

Apart from this fact, the Returnoplayer is important because it allows you to know what you can expect from a game:

  1. Only when you know the percentage can you have realistic expectations of your chances of winning against the advantage of the house.
  2. If you are aware of the way you calculate the maximum RTP of a machine, you can play these conditions during your sessions to approach it.
  3. Although you play only to feel the emotion of luck, your sessions can be even more exciting and also more lucrative, if you choose Titles with more favorable RTP.

Games with high RTP to free a bonus

The RTP of online casino games results from crucial importance not only when you play, also when you receive a bonus to play. As you probably already know, it does not matter if it is a bonus without deposit or not: the normal thing is that all the casino bonuses have between their conditions a rollover.

The Rollover is the number of times you must bet the money from the bonus if you want to collect the benefits you get playing with him. If, for example, the rollover of a 10 € bonus is set at 40, that means you will have to play until you get to bet 400 € to collect the benefits of the bonus.

Not to put it too easy, many casinos directly choose to shield the games with a higher RTP, or degrade their computation at the time of serving to free the bonus. That is why it is not possible to bet on simple luck (red / black, pair / odd) in roulette to release the bonus, or games as blackjack are discarded or computing only 50% (following with the previous example, you would have to play 800 €).

The importance of the RTP in the slots goes on this occasion because they are one of the games that are usually included without qualms when it comes to liberating bonuses. That makes the slots with a higher RTP in the perfect option to meet the Rollover tax on the casino.

But before betting the money of the bonus you must always find out in the terms and conditions to make sure that the title of the slot that you have chosen to comply with the Rollover has not been vetoed or devalued by the operator.

Is a high RTP always good?

In general terms, games are talked about with an acceptable RTP from 95%. When the percentage rises above 96%, the figure is considered good, and above 96.5% very good. But the truth is that many slots, card games and other types have inferior RTPs, should you discard them?

At first glance, it is logical to think that the higher the RTP of any casino game, the more chance of winning for the player. And in principle this is true, although we have already seen that with some nuances.

The time has come to deepen more thoroughly, because the RTP is not the only thing that influences the options you have to achieve a prize: Volatility or variance is directly related to the risk you assume in each bet and your options to get victorious . It is the characteristic that causes games with a% lower than the average succeed.

Tricks to get the most out of a game's RTP

In conclusion, we hope that the information about the RTP of this article is useful in your next incursion in the casino. We said goodbye with five tips that summarize everything you need to get the most out of the slots, according to your RTP:

  1. Find out about the characteristics of the slot before playing: RTP, variance and bonus games or special symbols are important.
  2. Remember that the maximum RTP is calculated for long sessions, betting as much available and with all active lines or combinations.
  3. The theme of a slot is important, but also the results of the game. If you are one of those who want quick results, select Low Volatility; If you have the patience and resources needed to wait for great prizes to arrive, you must opt for high volatility.
  4. Always choose Slots that adapt to your circumstances. If you do not have large quantities, it is preferable to choose slot with a maximum bet limit affordable to be limited to minimum or deactivate payment lines
  5. Never abandon a game session until you have managed to activate all the bonuses, because these are the rounds that make your winning options raise.
  6. When you use a game to release the money from a bonus, and the Rollover is at 30, the best are slots with a 96.5% Returnoplayer. But if the Rollover rises to 40 or more, make sure you choose only slot with an RTP at least 97.5%.