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RTP database for online slot

A fact that you can never set aside when you play with online slot, is the percentage of theoretical return to the player, known colloquially as RTP (Acronym in English of Return to Player). This figure is a reliable indication of the payments of a game, which also allows you to establish comparisons with other slots above or below it.

The RTP is calculated statistically, from long game sessions in which all the functions of the machine are activated. It is expressed as a percentage that indicates the average amount of money you will earn for every 100 00 you bet: for a video slot with a 94.8% RTP percentage, the statistic says that you will recover € 94.80 out of every 100 € than Betters And the higher the percentage, the highest chance of winning!

In the RTP database of you will find the best online slots in Australian, classified according to their percentage of theoretical return. To filter and locate the Slots that interest you, you can sort the titles by suppliers, or more at least RTP. We have compiled the information directly from the credit titles of the Slots to ensure that it is totally reliable and updated.

With this tool you can also inform you about the rate of a specific game, or focus on testing those above (or below) of a figure. You decide which ones best suit your game style. Use free slot demos on our page, and check if your RTP really does them justice.

We have included the most popular slot titles, and also some pearls hidden to discover. Use this RTP database to find out about the return percentage of your favorite Slot, or to find Australian slots with the highest RTP and better short-term reward options.

How to find the most profitable slots

On the edge of this table are the slots with the highest RTP available in Australian online casinos. It is a complete list of some of the best Slots of the moment, which includes classics and also the latest news. Often a high RTP is linked to a volatility Lower and more frequent awards: they are the two common features on machines that have a higher average rewards average in the shortest time.

Most players opt for this type of machines, although the most abundant are those that have an average variance and ronde between 94.5 and 96.5% of RTP. Some of the most demanded titles of the table are in this category, because their prizes are not bad, their payments are expected but they are worthwhile and they also have functions with free turns and mini funny games very funny.

At the opposite end are the slots with a lower RTP (94% start and can come down to 92%), which are often also those that offer more large prizes. At first glance you may think that these games are not worth it, but you may be surprised to find some of the most famous jackpot slots of the last months placed here. And it is that, although it is slot with fewer prizes, when they touch it they do it big!

In the long run, the online slots with a higher RTP will give you more prizes and make your money last longer, being able to enjoy longer gaming sessions and more opportunities to activate extra functions, special symbols, free-running rounds and Bonus games.

The maximum of RTP that can be expected in a slot is at 99%, but are machines difficult to locate and rarely in the casinos: Any above 97.5% deserves an opportunity. Also, if you play with online slot, as a general rule enjoy higher RTP rates than with traditional physical machines.