Online Game Apps on Google Play Store

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Since next March 1 can be downloaded for free apps of game for real money, including betting, lottery, e-sports and online casinos on the Play Store

Google has communicated that from next March 1, 2022, it will allow online gaming apps at the Google Play store in Australia and 14 other countries, also the United States. The list of countries, which includes some of the world's main regulated jurisdictions, is as follows:

  1. Germany
  2. Australia
  3. Belgium
  4. Canada
  5. Colombia
  6. Denmark
  7. United States of America
  8. Finland
  9. Japan
  10. Mexico
  11. Norway
  12. New Zealand
  13. Romania
  14. Australia
  15. Sweden

The option was already available in the United Kingdom, Ireland, France and Brazil.

Casinos online apps in Australia

In the case of Australia, the Official GOOGLE Titled «Preview of program policies for developers: betting games, games and competitions with real money», indicates that online gaming apps will be allowed with restrictions,

"In accordance with the request and license requirements indicated above, applications that include the following types of betting gaming products are allowed:

  • Online casino games
  • Sports bets
  • Lotteries (only Government operators)
  • Fantasy sport diarios”

In summary, the 4 types of online gaming products that contemplate the new statement will be available in Australia. The aforementioned requirements refer to the developer of the Games should be an authorized government operator or have a specific license for that type of DGOJ games, and complete a request process for the Apps distributed by Google Play.

In addition, each of the apps offered must be in accordance with the legal regulations in force in our country, having restrictions on access to minors (with rating only for adults), and being free of its download and application. You should also contain the information necessary to participate in online games for real money responsibly.