The online game market after Brexit

International, Legislation
The provisional agreement for the flow of data between borders, including those concerning the online game, expires in less than 6 months without short-term plan

Online Game entails the management and protection of a huge amount of data, and although the United Kingdom and the European Union managed to sign extremis A trade agreement to overcome the brexit gap, it does not solve what will happen with all these data. While on the online game market there are still some essential doubts about basic aspects in the post Brexit era, the enormous amount of data that moves the online game is foreseen one of the great problems for the operations that affect the EU and Kingdom United.

Two jurisdictions, a single data flow

The provisional agreement plotted for the moment immediately after Brexit allows the flow of data between both jurisdictions, but its completion in the immediate future will mean that companies in the sector will have to position themselves in one or another location.

The data centers derived from their activity in the online game must be located where they guarantee the least inconveniences for their operations, something that will not be easy to determine if a clear legal framework.

Given the situation, Maarten Haijer, General Secretary of EGBA (European Gambling and Betting Association) Urges companies based in the United Kingdom to continue operating in the EU Adscribing to the Code of Conduct that the EGBA published in June 2022 on data protection, in accordance with the EU GBD Data Protection Regulations (GDPR 2016/679)

Although Gibraltar (headquarters of many companies in the online gaming sector) was initially at the point of view of the problems derived from Brexit, as it is one of the main overseas territories of the United Kingdom, if any, everything seems to have been in water of Borrajas

On the other hand, giants of the online game as Bet365 (Now settled in Malta) and Maxent opted to leave the United Kingdom before Brexit enters into force. And in parallel to all these jurisdictional movements, Google has announced that since March 1 it will allow the use of online gaming apps in 15 new countries (among which is Australia), including Casinos online.