Reform in the Game Licenses of Curaçao

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The regulatory authority of the Game of Curaçao reaches a reform agreement in exchange for state aid by the Dutch government

Curaçao is an island of the Dutch Caribbean that in recent decades it has struggled to establish an independent online juice regulator, in parallel to work that entities such as Gibraltar Game Commissions, Isle of Man or Malta. Although the popularity of its licenses was lower among the players, mainly because their requirements for operators were more lax, the situation seems to be changing.

Proximates New on the online game licenses of Curaçao

As part of the economic agreement signed with the Netherlands to mitigate the consequences that Covid 19 causes the income derived from tourism, the Curaçao Gaming Control Board just released new website ( committing, among other measures, to do Let your graduates:

  1. Acate the rules for data protection in coherence with the Netherlands.
  2. Comply with the laws of the country of destination in which the operator license offers its services
  3. Pay taxes and fees derived from your licenses

The agreement contemplates that newly created regulatory authority is ready to begin issuing licenses since June 1, 2022. With these changes it is expected to eliminate the effect of competition on the Dutch game market, since many of the licensed casinos of Curaçao aims for Dutch players.

New website of the Game Control of the Curaçao Game (GCB)

The recently announced reform will be carried out in accordance with a calendar, organized meticulously in a plan by stages that aim to reach the entire modernization and reform of the entity. In the official press note of the past 12 November:

"The Minister of Finance, his Excellency D. Kenneth Gijsbertha, has officially released the new website of the Game Conltrol of the Game of Curaçao (GCB, in English in the original Curaçao Gaming Control Board) during the MML / CFT Gaming Workshop Organized by GCB itself.

The website ( has been submitted to a complete review to offer an integral vision of the game environment in Curaçao, its underlying legislation and regulation, news, publications, responsible game, as well as other activities organized by the GCB.

Among its responsibility as the supervisory authority of all games that take place in and from Curaçao, the GCB will also provide information on the notifications of the International Financial Action Group (FATF) and the Caribbean Financial Action Group (Caribbean Financial Action Task Force, CFATF), as well as the Resolutions of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) on its website. "

The Curaçao game regulatory authority works at its Netherlands Antilles headquarters since 1996. So far its reference website for international online gaming licenses is The regularization of the online game on the island is one of the oldest, and dates from 1993, as it is collected in the section that the institution is dedicated to Your new online site.

Recently the Management of Casinos and Games of Dominican Republic has also renovated Your website.