Regulation Online Game in Mendoza, Argentina

International, Legislation

The province of Mendoza (Argentina) initiates the process for the creation of a legal framework that regulates online game.

The High Chamber endorses the proposals presented by Senators Merces Rus and Marcelo Rubio to regulate the game online with 36 votes in favor and 1 against, after which the unified bill became reviewed by the Chamber of Deputies.

"The important thing is the submission of the online game to a control system. We want to submit to these operators to a state audit, also to the certification fees that are established at the international level [...] what is intended is to know which platforms these services can offer in the province, besides who are behind them. We say that the system established is closed with licenses and limited ".

Mercedes Russian

There will be a maximum number of licenses

The closed listening system would therefore follow the model of other provinces such as Buenos Aires, with a maximum number of licenses granted, which will be delivered after exceeding a public contest. Just like happening in Buenos Aires at the time, its objective is the regulation of a market that already exists, creating a control system that offers guarantees to players, as well as demand social responsibility for operators.

Public registration of licensed operators

The regulatory authority in charge of licensing emission will be the Provincial Institute of Games and Casinos de Mendoza, or failing the organism that replaces it in the future. It will do so by creating a record of online game enabled titles, public access. It will also implement the creation of a game of players of the online game, which will collect the personal data of those participants in the activity.

All those games of chance that imply physical raffles, such as thoumbols, lotteries, quinielas are excluded from the regulatory frame.