Progressive slot machines

Progressive slots offer you the unique opportunity to earn great prizes that do nothing but grow and grow Choose a slot with jackpot!

Many of the most popular online game machines at the moment have an accumulated prize among their extras, is what is known as "Progressive Jackpot". Its success lies in that it constitutes one of the highest rewards that you can get in cash.

Get rich at night in the morning

Yes, exactly that is what the Slots video developers had in mind when they decided to include the option of accumulated boats in their games. This type of slots can have any theme: there are 3D, classics, fruit ... and logistics is not determinant: they work with any number of rollers or pay lines, but it always has a fat prize for all players They sigh.

With each new deposit that a player does when betting on a slot, the amount goes up and goes up ... and can reach exorbitant figures. In case it was little, the emotion increases the higher the prize, which usually causes the number of players to grow, triggering an increasingly powerful ascent of the boat.

All the boats are progressive?

The answer is no. Today, the slots with progressive prizes are practically the only ones that can become a millionaire with a single roll. Among the different kinds of slot, those that have a pot are divided into two large groups:

  1. Fixed boat: It consists of a cash prize set in a specific amount. It is independent of any factor and your chances of achieving it are always the same, because they are usually linked to certain combinations of symbols. Sometimes the prize you take with the boat is an exact amount, expressed in euros, but others depends on the value you have established for your bet. This happens when they are measured in credits, not euros, or when they multiply the total of your bet, for example x100.
  2. Progressive boat: The amount of the boat has an initial minimum, which is growing when picking up a part of the bets of all the players. Add money until someone gets the boat, when it starts again, adding again from the marked initial limit.

In addition, many slots combine prizes of both types between their offer of extras, or even offer up to 3 different fixed boats, as it happens for example in Candy Bars. You must bear in mind that although many games include participation to win the default boat, in others you are the one who determines whether you want to opt for him or not, charging a bet on part of the price per run.

Who gets such a tall boat?

The good thing about the slots with cumulative boat is that anyone can take the prize, at any time. Of course the most learned players usually look at the online slots with a boat at all times, keeping abreast of their evolution and choosing the most juicy moment to invest in them.

In general and as happens with any other reward, your chances of winning increase when you play with all active lines or combinations and bets to the maximum in each roll. In fact these can be essential conditions to opt for the jackpot of some games.

But ultimately, everything is a matter of luck. The progressive jackpots are delivered in several ways. It can be during the base game or activating certain games or special functions; Sometimes they require you to take a series of symbols, others that you do it in a concrete payment line (which is a bit more complicated), and others you can only access it through Bonus games.

Get your first million

Maybe it sounds a bit pretentious, but if you want to win the mega boat, you will have to pose clear goals and vacuum high. The first thing in which you have to look at is on the meter that indicates the current amount of the jackpot.

Many casinos show you without even having to log in to the game. This resource allows you to see how the timeline can grow to cent, also once inside the game, during the course of the game.

And this is very important: if you are not going to go for all, our advice is that you choose another slot with which to play that day. Some games force you to bet the maximum to be able to charge the pot. Yes, you have read well: to charge it, but not to get it, can you imagine what disappointment if you take the winning combination but you can not make it go up your balance because it is not in an active line?

The best of progressive jackpots

There is no doubt that the best of the slots with cumulative boats is the excitement of knowing that you can make it rich the next time you press "spin", but the truth is that there is much more:

  1. One of the advantages of online slots is that they allow the progressive boat to not limit to a casino. We refer to them as progressive jackpots, but we should actually specify that they are progressive online or networks. Igt megabucks is a good example of it.
    Its collection of shares for the boat can cover all the machines of the same title that are within a jurisdiction, jumping even above the divisions between different casinos.
  2. The chances of getting a jackpot of this kind usually go parallel to the amount bet: it is more likely that you take it the higher the amount you play on each roll. But you should always keep in mind that you play to have fun, because the statistics say that even if you put everything on your part, the real possibilities that you win are really low.
  3. The key is to catch the progressive jackpot at a good time: when you have a good amount accumulated. If not, you may find yourself with more interesting fixed boats. Apart from the aforementioned megabucks, the slots with progressive net boats rarely manage to overcome the million, so if all that matters to you is to win large quantities, maybe you should possess the lottery.

The boat matters, but there is much more

Our last advice is that you choose your favorite slots well before you start playing. It is true that it is not possible to view the progressive boats when you play in demo mode, but play free slot will give you all the information you need to know if you really are compatible with a game.

Large slots like get clucky or immortal Crown of Egypt They do not have a pot of any kind, and even so they are among those preferred by traditional casino players and also online. Free Test these and many other slots available at Australian online casinos, on our page.