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RTP 96.1%
volatility ALTO

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The fifth installment of the classic slot series ELK It is called Win Win and is configured with 3 rollers and 17 fixed lines, which act multipliers up to x10, free limit spins, re-spins and a potential award for x5,000 your total bet.

Premiered in August 2019 with RTP 96.1% and Medium-low Volatility, this 3 × 3 allows you to bet from € 0.20 to € 100 per turn in a bright colorful interface and traditional symbols: simple, double and triple bar, 7s of luck blue, green and red, and the cheerful fruits (cherries, lemons and melons).

Win to win and 7s golden to achieve victory

The WIN symbol appears only on the rollers 1 and 3, within the central payment line: when it appears in one of these positions it causes another 2 symbols in this line. And if you take a WIN on each of the rollers (1 and 3) at the same time, a multiplier X10 for the symbol that is in the center of the payment line (roller 2) is entered into action.

The other special symbol that you can not lose sight is the 7 gold: place one of this in the central roller (2) with a Win symbol on each side (rollers 1 and 3) and the payment will be your bet x500.

Re-spins y giros gratis Win Win

The Win Win slot causes its re-spins to take with stagncy rollers: if the same symbols appear on the rollers (1 and 3) the same symbols appear, both are blocked for 3 re-spins to make it easier when completing the combination with another Central symbol equal to the previous ones.

But if these symbols are bonus, then you can activate the Bonus Game (3 Bonus symbols in any position of each of the 3 rollers), with random multipliers ranging from X10 to X1 on an increase as you earn, decreased in -1 Each re-spin without a prize. They stop when you get to x2. But quiet, that to make victories easier the Bonus Game comes with extra wildcards in its rollers.

Best of Win Win

Best of Win Win comes when his extras are combined: If, for example, you can combine two WIN symbols on the odd rollers with a 7 gold in the center, in combination with the potential of the X10 multiplier, you can charge an equivalent payment to your bet x5 .000

ELK slots are perfect for players who prefer dynamic items full of combinable extras and powerful colors. If you like to play fast and with emotion, the Giant Hit Big screen and the staging of DJ W.ld will love.

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