We can consider Elk Studios as a newcomer to the industry, but do not get carried away by prejudices and waits to read everything we have to tell you about them. They are linked to some heavy weights of the sector, and that is noted.

The story of a young company

We find the origins of this supplier north of Europe, more specifically in Sweden, where they were born in 2012. However, it was not until the next year when their first slot machine came to the market, The Lab. Since then, the company was Growing little by little, and in 2014 there already had ten workers and were nominated for the award to the game of the year by Poltava in the EGR Awards. Not only that, but both in 2016 and in 2017, the company was named as a best Casinos website by iGaming.

Nowadays, the company has already released a couple of dozens of games to the market. They are not many, but all of them are cared for with mime and have no waste.

Where can you find Elk Studios games?

To be such a young company, it is not difficult to give with titles developed by them in some of the main online casinos in the sector. The number of establishments in which it has a presence does not stop growing, so you have several options between which you choose. For example, you can find them in Kaboo, Leo Vegas or in Iku Casino.

How are the games of this developer?

Well, to be honest, they are not bad at all. We have already told you that your titles are not yet about hundreds, but all of them have been designed by paying maximum attention to detail and playability. It is very friendly for the Australian public The Wild Toro slot, which is set in the bullfighting; Or the Mexican Taco Brothers - which also has a Christmas version. We can not fail to mention the award-winning Poltava slots, with a fantastic setting that is very attractive. In any case, all machines are very different from each other, and that is something that is appreciated in libraries so - all-limited as that of this developer.

And there are also bonuses available!

Elk Studios has many ways to maintain the interest of his players, and one of them are the bonds integrated into the slot machines themselves. For example, there are two particular functions that we would like to comment. On the one hand, we have the bet options that allow players to adjust their bets according to a table in the automatic game mode; On the other hand, we have a function called Game ON that rewards the loyalty of the players - to reach 25 bets, is activated a way that allows you to earn free runs.

They are also, of course, The Bonds of the Casinos themselves. When you register, pay close attention to the welcome bonus. This type of bonds often include free runs that you can use in the slots to increase your chances of winning. Nor should you lose sight of slot tournaments, which, apart from fun, can be very lucrative. As always, we recommend that before accepting any type of promotion, you carefully read the terms and conditions. It is not that there is going to be no problem, but it is always good to be informed in case misunderstandings.

In summary, Elk Studios is a gaming provider that has just arrived at the market, but it enters stiff. Your games are top quality, very novel and modern. We recommend that you follow the track, because we foresee that you will have many joys.

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