Slot review

RTP 96.1%
volatility ALTO

Black River Gold

Ready to be the fastest gunman of the Black River? In Slots-Australia you can play BLACK RIVER GOLD for free, a slot developed by Elk.

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The Slot Black River Gold has 4096 pay lines, which at some moments of the game with the appearance of more heights, can multiply up to a total of 262,144. That's right, this slot begins with four heights, but obtaining a winning combination, they can become up to 8. On the other hand, the number of rollers is constant: six.

The RTP is 96.1% and it is a game with high volatility. This means that it can grant great prizes, but that the negative racks of without prize runs are quite likely.

The minimum bet is 20 cents and the maximum of € 100.

Special features

BLACK RIVER GOLD is an interesting slot thanks to the variations offered by their special features.

The first one is the function Avalanche, With which the winning symbols of a roll disappear, to drop new symbols and give you the opportunity to win more in that same circulation.

When this happens, a revolver may appear, which is a kind of wildcard. What this function does is that revolver is loaded with adjacent symbols. As there is room for six bullets, revolver can become equivalent to up to six different symbols. In that case, it becomes a wildcard.

A compass may also appear. If you connect two equal symbols such symbols will become wildcards. Likewise, if the compass falls down, she becomes a joker.

The symbols can fall into their normal size, which is the usual, but also in larger versions of 2 × 2, 3 × 3 and 4 × 4.

Also, we have the bonus symbol that gives you between 10 (if it appears 3 times) and 25 (if it appears 6 times) free thrown away.

Design - Kane Steel looking for gold on the black river

BLACK RIVER GOLD has a good design, with attractive sound effects and a calm background music that does not overwhelm or tires.

Apart from the already mentioned compasses and revolvers, in this game we can see the face of a gunman (which, of course, is the emblematic character, the developers of Elk, Kane Steel), Diamonds, Gold Nuggets, Precious Stones, Vessels of whiskey, sheriff plates and the symbols of the French deck.

The awards

The prizes range from 0.1 for your bet by getting three symbols of the equal French deck, to more interesting payments, such as twice your bet by getting six diamonds, gold nuggets or precious stones.

The highest prize in the base game, multiplies your bet for three if the Kane Steel gunman appears six times.

As usual, strong emotions come in the free runs, during which you can get to multiply your bet by up to 5,000, for a total maximum payment allowed 500,000 euros in case you were making bets of 100.


In our opinion Black River Gold is a very good slot to which it is worth playing. It's fun, the game is not routine thanks to its dynamics and the potential prizes are attractive.

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