Slot review

RTP 96%
volatility ALTO

Blood Lust

Blood Lust of Elk Studios is a tetric slot that immerses you in a world of vampires and darkness. Is it worth trying to bite a prize? On this page we offer you our review and opinion. Also, as always, we give you the opportunity to play Blood Lust free without risking a penny.

Blood Lust numbers

With an RTP of 96%, this slot is placed in the typical position in which attention is not drawn or for good, nor for evil. The layout of the game is based on five rollers with three heights, so that nothing less than 99 pay lines are considered. The minimum bet is 20 cents and the maximum of € 100.

The game is categorized as high variance and has a prize frequency of 23.5%.

So far nothing too special. Let's continue by analyzing the rest of the features to see if it gets highlighting.

The special functions that will become the king of darkness

Vampires do not like natural light. Therefore, if you are lucky enough that a tighteous candlestick appears, which is the re-spin symbol, you will enter this function. The best thing is that you only need to appear once. Of course, he will only do it in the fifth roller.

In the re-spin rolls, one of the symbols will be fixed. They will also do the bonus symbols, so that it increases the chances of getting three together and launching it.

The bonus, is achieved with three symbols in any position. When they appear, a rectangle will be formed that includes them and each symbol of that rectangle will give you a free bonus roll. At the top, you will see three vampires with a meter. If the meter is filled, those vampires become Dracula and added one more run. It is very interesting the fact that each time the scatter appears during these runs, one more is added.

In addition, all rollers have stacks of equal symbols, so it is easier that a whole roller appears with the same symbol. The symbol that is stacked in each roller and each roll, is randomly decided.

The design - a pretty obtained vampiric atmosphere

The good thing about vampires is that they allow you to be elegant. In our opinion, this slot is. Vampires are represented by their faces and are the symbols that are more paid. The bonus is a tureen and the re-spin symbol a candelabra. Of course, they dominate the red and black colors.

The background of the game is a better forest that leads to the castle in which vampires live. Music accompanies us all the time, not only when we throw. It is a quiet music that fits perfectly with the rest of the game.

The truth is that we have nothing to object, in the design section, it seems an outstanding slot.

The awards

The base game awards are nothing of the other world. The vampire that you pay the most will give you x4 times your bet for five appearances, while the one that is less worth, will not come to cover your bet, not even for five appearances. However, the good amount of pay lines, it is probably once you get a prize, get several of several lines.

The maximum prize is x2500 times your bet, an amount that is poor, if we take into account that it is a slot of high variance.

Blood Lust View

This slot has everything to be fantastic minus the prizes. It offers great design with all care details: from music, to animations of different special functions. Therefore, it is a slot that achieves a great game experience that we really recommend. That said, when it comes to mathematics, it is not at all generous. A pity

In any case, we encourage you to try to play Blood Lust free right now, because we believe it is worth seeing the game.

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