Slot review

RTP 96.1%
volatility ALTO

Ecuador Gold

Game characteristics

Welcome to the Ecuadorian jungle. You go through the torrents and avalanches of its 6 × 4 rollers (expandable up to 6 × 8) on an epic adventure. In the base game you have 4,096 combinations, which happen to be 262.144 with the 4 extra-activated heights.

The RTP is 96.1% and the volatility of 9/10, with a bonus frequency in 1 out of 299 runs. The bet is between € 0.20 and € 100, with a maximum prize by combination of 2,500 times your bet and 250,000 value coins € 1.

Special symbols and functions

  1. Ghostling Wild: Appears in the rollers 3-4-5-6 and causes a random number of advances in the boxes leaving wildcards as a step.
  2. Avalanche: All the symbols that are part of an award-winning combination are dynamited by leaving way to new symbols instead, without supposing a new roll. This function remains active as long as you keep winning.
  3. Bonus: The Bonus symbol is a pyramid temple with a cartel that indicates its function. Take 3 or more in any position and you will give rise to the game of free reactivable spins with bonus.

Juego bonus Free Drops

When you take 3 or more bonus, a kind of alignment between the sun is produced and the moon that releases the Free Drops function. It is a bonus game that runs inside a treasure room, and it consists of free turns in which the continued avalanches of giant symbols in block, inspired by the Inca stereotomy occur.

  • 6 bonus = 25 giros
  • 5 = 20
  • 4 = 15
  • 3 = 10

The result are piles of batteries that leave space for more symbols that fall from above, accumulating combinations while adding floors to the columns of rollers, and consequently many more prizes, apart from an extra tip at the end. The largest symbols reach 4 × 4 dimensions, but there are also 3x3 and 2x2.

You start at the first level, with the 6 × 4 base grill, and you go up floor to floor until reaching the maximum expansion of the rollers with a 6 × 8. Every time you get a prize in one of the extra heights you add, that level is secured and remains for the rest of the round turns.

The Best of Ecuador Gold: Bet Strategies

Elk Studios have developed a new system to play that consists of selectable predefined betting strategies. Depending on which one do you choose before making each turn, you will change the bet level and the rules of the game. They can also be used with AutoSpin:

  1. Optimized, which change the bet level by a percentage of the achieved balance
  2. Increase, after 5 lost turns, and descent after winning
  3. Booster, rising increase after each loss, and descent
  4. Jumper, increase in 1 level after each winning round, until reaching 4 levels on the base bet, and decrease

The game is designed with WebGL technology and adapts when detecting the device (desktop, tablet or mobile) from which you play. It is suitable for iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

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