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RTP 97.01%
volatility Media

Eight Immortals

Eight Immortals is a DreamTech slots you can play for free on this same page. The game is based on the Chinese legend of the eight immortals, so we are facing a new Slot of Asian inspiration. From here, we encourage you to try it.

The numbers of Eight Immortal

The RTP of this game is 97.01% and develops in a network of five rollers with three heights. At the top, there is a horizontal roller in which different multipliers appear.

25 lines are played and the minimum bet by line is ten cents, so if the casino allows it, the total minimum bet is 2.5 euros. The maximum bet is 10 euros per line and 250 euros in total.

Special functions

This game has interesting special functions, but not in the bonus, which is where one expects the chest. It is a shame because the excuse of the eight immortals could have given game.

At the top there is a horizontal roller in which multipliers can appear from X1 to X100. Only this is a great incentive to play.

The wildcard is a parchment that replaces any other symbol with the exception of the scatter, which in this game is a temple. With three temples you enter the bonus consisting of 15 free strips. However, during the bonus nothing is worth not noticeable. In our opinion the developers have lost a great opportunity here.


Background we have the sea breaking against a rocky coast, accompanied by a quiet and pleasant eastern music.

The symbols are the eight immortals and a cushion in which there are different Chinese utensils, in addition to the wild card and the scatter. That is, one of the few slots that has not had to resort to the symbols of the French deck to complete his repertoire.

It is striking that the immortals are represented by warriors, when according to the legend were rather alchemists or wise, but as for the vast majority of Australian users, we assume that this is the first time they have heard of the legend, we do not believe that Assume a problem.

In summary, a very solvent design that achieves a very particular setting and, in our opinion, pleasant.

The prizes - La Salsa is in the multipliers

In this game, the Base Game Awards are not so important, but the fact that in the base game itself you can be lucky enough to get a prize with multiplier X100.

Taking into account that, the scatter is paid x100 the total bet by five appearances. As for the symbols, the one that pays it most does for the interesting figure of 1500 times the bet per line (remember that there are 25 lines so it is 60 times the total bet), to which the multiplier that we should have to be applied Leave at that moment. The following two symbols, by five appearances, pay the bet by line x600 and x400 respectively.

Review of Eight Immortals

In our opinion, this game is outstanding and remains only a pinch of honor tuition. Perhaps we could have asked a little more storyline so that the player knew a little more the legend of the eight immortals after playing. But in terms of dynamics, game experience and its combination of the frequency and quantity of prizes, we are facing a Top game.

That's why, we encourage you to play Eight Immortals for free and get to know him better.

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