DreamTech casino and slot games

The Asian online casino games market has a clear winner: Dream Tech Gaming. A relatively young study founded in the Philippines in 2016 and that it has in its catalog with very colorful games, focused on the Eastern Market. In 2018, Dreamtech became part of Yggdrasil as a provider of oriental theme games for the European market, in addition to being a company that bases its strength on a team of professionals from the video game industry and the casinos of everything the world.

A little-known game creator outside the Asian market, but that we are sure that in this decade that starts will be one of the reference creators.

Discover everything you should know about Dream Tech Gaming.

Historia de Dream Tech Gaming

Dream Tech is founded in 2016 in the Philippines as a study dedicated to the development of gambling for online casinos operating in China, Hong Kong and Australia, although very soon he began to export his creations to the European market.

At first glance, the games of this study have a clear asian air, so much that they have become their hallmark and distinction, making itself with a voice of their own in the online casinos market in that corner of the world. Beyond this personality, it should be noted that Dream Tech Gaming is not a veteran study like others that we have reviewed. Its foundation is 2016, but it was not until the end of 2017 that he saw the light his first games and only in the Asian market.

The European Giant Software for online casinos Yggdrasil was set in this study in 2018 and incorporated it into its catalog, being the Asian-style games provider in the casinos that the Norwegian company manages in Europe.

Today Dream Tech Gaming has offices in the Philippines, where its main headquarters, China and Malta is from where it operates under the regulations of the Union and the Maltese Authority of the Game. Thus, Dream Tech Gaming has gone from being an online casino games provider focused on China, to be a global operator and developer carrying the eastern-style slots - with all its peculiarities - all over the world. Undoubtedly, in the decade that this operator begins is called to be a reference.

Software Development and Safety

It would be easy to fall into the topic that we are before an 'Oriental developer' of slots. Yes, your main market is China, but let us not be carried away by appearances: China has a lot to offer both aesthetics, and technologically.

Games are adapted to current standards that force to develop gambling that work perfectly and equal conditions on all devices. HTML5 is the programming base of DreamTech games, which makes them compatible with desktops and laptops, as well as mobile devices such as tablets and telephones.

The ITCH Labs company promptly performs audits to verify that the algorithms and mathematical combinations that are applied in the games work fully randomly. In addition, his presence in Malta allows him to presume to have the authorization of the authority of the Game of Malta, as well as the Game Commission of the United Kingdom and Australia.

We can not overlook that be part of the YGGDRASIL family gives you the of confidence that only the best casino game developers in the world.

Game catalog

Dreamtech is a developer who has focused on what to do best: online slot. Do not expect to find rivets, nor bingo, or blackjack, nor poker in the catalog of products.

DreamTech's online slots focus on China's history, in the same way that many European developers evoke the past of Greece, Rome, the Middle Ages or Egypt. But this creator of online gambling has been able to rise with a own name thanks to fantastic graphics that quickly capture our attention.

Despite its young age as an operator, DreamTech has many titles, very different and all with a series of attributes that make them instantly recognizable: bonus games, wild cards, jackpots, automatic prizes ... their creations are not at all Bored and always await us with something different.

So games like Elf Kingdom, Germ Lab, Monopoly Chinese edition, Crazy Go Go Go, Fulushou, Glory of Heroes, Bikini Party, Mohjong King, Boxing Arena, Doraemon, 3D Doll or Cheeky Emojis have all in common both aesthetics, and evoke The Eastern tradition. We only highlight some of the DreamTech games, because its catalog is immense and increases month by month with more online slot.

What makes Dreamtech different

Dreamtech began as a study dedicated to the Chinese market and shortly after Australian, but is currently a global player who has a lot to offer. In very few years it has become a developer who has been able to mix asian air with the excitement that Western players expect in an online casino. Its games, far from exotisms and topics about the Asian world, are delicate pieces of design that we can enjoy so much in free mode and in the best online casinos.

Dreamtech plays in a slightly saturated sector and does so with an advantage, knowing that no one better than Asians to present to the world the gambling of that continent. Being capable, in addition, to incorporate all the technological novelties available at all times.

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