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RTP 96%
volatility Media

Forgotten Fable

Forgotten Fables is a recent digital slot that has reached the best online casinos. This game developed by Evoplay offers some very funny mechanics and a very funny look in a very classic format. And we are talking about a classic roller slot in digital format.

But if you want to enter your fantasy world and discover what rules and prizes you can offer you, accompany you in this review about Forgotten Fables, the most fantasy slot of Evoplay.

Magical creatures, witches and prizes in Forgotten Fables, a pretty conventional slot

With an almost childish aspect we receive forgotten Fables. It is a slot set in a fantasy world in which dragons, monsters, witches and kings fight to get the greatest treasure possible. Your work, make you with your booties. In its visual aspect, it is beautiful, pleasant and something static, although when some animations (when getting prizes) they make an appearance, the eyes will be stuck to the screen, insured.

As for its rules, it is a very conventional slot, perhaps in excess taking into account the number of innovations that we find today in the catalogs of online casinos. And is that the player will meet a very classic screen of 5 rollers for 3 rows with 15 prize lines. It is a very common and unricstinal combination that can deceive a bit at first look, since luckily it has a double bonus system of some interest.

This double bonus system works through its extra Wild symbols. And it is that among its 5 low-value symbols with the tall sticks and the 6 medium-high-value thematic symbols, there are 3 different Wild Symbols:

  • WILD, in the form of a decorated egg that replaces any of the value symbols.
  • Skull, that is, skull, that acts like the Wild and activates a dark rune.
  • Sun or Sol, who does the same as the previous one, but activates a flame rune.

There are 7 flame runes on the left side of the screen and 7 dark runes on the right. When you can activate, you access the free-run mode, with 10 free spins in both cases. The difference is that in Darkland or Dark World only symbols of low value and Skull appear. During these runs, a magic chest that offers different prize multipliers opens each time. In the flame world activated with the flame runes, the symbols of greater value and the Sun appear. However, in this way the magic chest never appears. In this way balance the value of both modes of Bonus.

The magic chest that appears on all the runs of the dark world, but it is also activated in normal runs if the Skull and the Sun appear on the same line of prize. When opening up, up to 5 prize multipliers that are set in prize lines, increasing the value of any prize that is achieved in those lines. The value of the multiplier is proportional to the prize achieved in that line, the greater the prize, the greater the multiplier.

All these rules increase volatility at an average level that makes this an entertaining game, although with great prizes very spaced and dependent on many rules. Fortunately, his 96.17% RTP and the possibility of betting on 10 cents at 500 coins makes his prizes up to 106,125, somewhat conservative, but very interesting.

Our conclusions about Forgotten Fable

Forgotten Fable is an interesting digital slot found in online casinos since October 2022, its average volatility and conservative base make it a good machine to start and have a good time.

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