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Happy Farm

With a careful and even something childish style, Playtech brings us a lot of entertainment in Happy Farm, a roller slot with a different design and with a certain charism. In this online machine farm animals, fruits and vegetables take prominence by offering some very succulent prizes.

PERTRÉCHATE to work in the countryside and accompany us in this review on Happy Farm.

Online slot Happy Farm, pure joy

If something stands out from Happy Farm, nothing else to access it is the cheerful and carefree style that shows. With a series of animals of almost children's designs with a very colorful and luminous touch. The game clearly drinks the influence that many farm management videogames are leaving with their current success, we talked about a slot that resembles works like Summer in Mara or the famous animal Crossing. The audiovisual level shows very well worked with a cheerful music that does not tire and first level animations.

With respect to its mechanics, Happy Farm is not especially innovative, but it is a very competent and quite simple roller betting game. To begin with, we are facing the classic cascade roller game, that is, of these games in which every time a prize is formed, the figures disappear by dropping those that are on their own and can form more prizes than in turn They suppose multiplication combos. In this sense, the number of ranks it offers limits quite some combos, since it only has 3 rows in its 5 rollers. Fortunately, to balance this aspect, the game has a higher RTP to the usual, of 97.57%, which increases the chances of taking prizes.

The game distributes in its Grid of 5 × 3 20 prize lines from the 3 figures from the left. In this sense, distributes the figures as follows:

  • 3 low-value thematic figures showing vegetables
  • 2 themed figures of average value with a chick and a duckling
  • 2 figures of greater value with a pony and a pig
  • A Wild Card of a Vaca
  • A dog-shaped scatter

When the game enters its free mode or bonus mode by getting at least 3 scatters, some of the figures are changed:

  • 4 Figures of low vegetable value
  • 2 figures of average value with a rooster and a paw
  • 2 figures of high value with a horse and a pig

This new distribution facilitates the low prizes and with it the accumulation of combination bonuses. The number of free strips is always 6 initially, although scatters can continue to be taken at the free spins that can add another 6.

With free runs including the maximum value of an award is 1,000 times the value betting, varying this between 0.1 currencies and 200. It is not the highest possible prize, but given the average volatility and the RTP of this sluts, get prizes Large is a simple task.

Happy Farm, our opinion

It is many times that fall into our slot hands that try to be sympathetic with a carefree and almost childish style. In this case, DreamTech has achieved that we see that kindness not only in its achieved graphics and its catchy melody, also in a rules of play and return that offer a quiet experience for the player. A good digital slot for those who want to have a good time without worrying too much about the bets made.

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