Slot review

RTP 96.1%
volatility ALTO


If you like original slots, you can not stop playing Nitropolis for ELK for free. A slot with Steampunk setting, which has managed to give a new twist to the design of the slot.

Nitropolis numbers

In principle, this slot has six rollers and four heights, but we say in principle because a symbol can appear with other equal symbols behind, so that the height of that roller can grow in up to twelve positions. In this way, each roll begins with 4,096 ways to win, but can become up to 85,155,840 different combinations. To these symbols with symbols behind are called Nitro Reels.

The game RTP is 96.1% and the maximum prize can become 1,000,000 coins. Each bet is 100 coins, so this award would suppose 10,000 the total commitment. A spectacular amount!

Special functions

As you can suppose, the great protagonists of this game are the Nitro ReelS, but there is more.

For example, each time a winning combination is given, its symbols will have a region and show another symbol being able to generate more profits.

Sometimes and randomly, if there have been no prizes, Nitro Reels They can make a region.

The bonus symbol can activate 10, 15, 20 or 25 free runs depending on whether it appears 3, 4, 5 or 6 times. In addition, during free runs, additional free runs can be obtained in the same way and in the same proportion.

The particularity of the free rolls is that the Nitro Reels They are blocked during all the runs once they appear. In addition, the value of another symbol is randomly assigned to the scatter, so that other than be able to activate extra runs, it will give you prizes as such a symbol.


If the game has a good diversity of special functions, the design is not left behind. The truth is that it is difficult to explain and it is best to play Nitropolis for free to see it, but we are going to try.

Background we have some structures that could be a kind of futuristic industrial platforms or even the housing of the fantastic beings of the world of this Slot. Said beings, are, of course, the protagonists of the symbols. We have a dog, a cat, an unidentifiable bug and a mouse, all of them humanized.

Music is quite animated, but it is not heavy and in our opinion adds value to the Steampunk Environment of the game.

The awards

The dog pays X5 by six appearances, the cat X360, the Bicho X3.40 and the Mouse X3. However, joy is in the special functions and, with the help of him, we have already told you that there is a potential prize of X10,000 the total bet.

It is not usual to see these potential prizes in modern slots, so it seems fantastic.

View of Nitropolis.

This slot has everything: a well-maintained and original atmosphere, various special functions that make the game not tedious and a very ambitious potential prize.

From there, you have to like the aesthetics and games that offer news. If the simple, maybe it may not be for you, but it seems to us that it deserves an outstanding.

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