Slot review

RTP 96.28%
volatility Media

Nordic Saga

Nordic Saga is, like many other digital slots, another twist to the classic machines set at the Viking era. On this occasion Dreamtech takes us together with a troop agerride formed by Vikings and Vikings that row in search of new lands and adventures and, as it can not be otherwise, of new treasures to discover.

Embark with us in this Nordic feat and discover the prizes and rules of Nordic Saga.

Slots Online Nordic Saga, a cruise full of hazards

Nordic Saga is a slot with a very achieved audiovisual aspect, turning the classic digital machines that show a more casual and less serious version of these mythical warriors. Thanks to this style has completely animated and always dynamic backgrounds. The grid and the symbols are going back with these funds, being more cartoon style illustrations than usual and with very good and worked animations. The music perfectly accompanies all this graphic aspect and the sound effects are more than correct.

The best thing about this slot is in its special rules. As in other Dreamtech gaming, the mechanics are designed to offer a very dynamic style and with more options to win prizes beyond the classic Free Spins. In this sense, it also includes similar rolls of bonus mode. But before counting how these modes work, let's talk about the basic rules.

This is a very simple machine in its base conception, it is a roller machine with a 5 × 3 grid that form, in these rollers 50 possible prize lines. As usual, from the 3 equal symbols from the left. The figures or symbols that appear in Nordic Saga are:

  • 4 low-value thematic figures in the form of Nordic Runes
  • 4 Themed figures of average value in the form of Viking weapons
  • 1 high-value themed figure in the form of a Horn Viking
  • 1 scatter with map shape
  • 1 Figure Bonus in the form of a golden monster
  • 1 Figure Wild showing a kind of golden head of Odin

With 3 scatters at any point on the screen, the free roll mode is started with 6 runs in which all positions of the rollers 2, 3 and 4 are occupied by a single figure of large dimensions. With 6 or more bonus figures on the screen starts the bonus mode with 3 breathing rolls, during these rolls the bonus figures that are appearing is fitted into the position until the respiR. Each figure of Bonus is a multiplier of the prize value.

These two bonus modes are complemented well to generate a high volatility in a game with a medium / low RTP, specifically 96.28%. The maximum prize is 500 times the value of the bet being this between 0.50 credits up to 500, which gives for a maximum prize of 250,000. A high prize, according, yes to the risk of such a high bet.

Nordic Saga, our opinion

Dreamtech has proven to be able to provide dynamic game systems with great ease, it returns it to Nordic Saga with more than one bonus system that rewards the player in many ways. In addition, it has good graphics and a very entertaining tune that make the experience of playing this digital slot is fun.

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