Slot review

RTP 96.3%
volatility ALTO

Respin Circus

The creators of online slot machines like EVERY STUDIOS They try to surprise players with new and amazing slot machines. Repin Circus is a video slot machine whose circus theme has not only drawn us a smile, but it has invited us to play for a long time. The slot machine Respin Circus is special, fun and full of surprises that make it one of the most attractive online slots of 2019.

Our team of expert players has been experimenting with it and we have collected their impressions in this honest review of Elk Studios Circus.

Rescious Circus, the emotion and joy of a crazy circus to bring fortune to where you are

Respin Circus is a 6-roller video slot machine and 4 rows with a total of 64 possible prize lines that has surprised us by its graphics, animations and ambience. Starting with the graphic part we will say that his drawings are very beautiful and with a nice touch that has awakened us a smile, as well as the animations are soft and there are almost no jumps. In the technical part, the sound is very well worked on both ambience and music.

Dynamics of the game

As far as the game represents, the dynamics is relatively simple and similar to other machines from both ELK Studios and traditional. It has 10 prize figures: 4 reais figures (A, K, Q and J) and 6 thematic, which correspond to those of the circus. You can win up to € 250,000 thanks to the different additional features that accompany the Wild and Free Spins symbols, which, as the name of the machine indicates, are the center of this machine.

Free Shots and Multipliers

Free rolls are achieved when 3 or more symbols appear Free Spins, being able to achieve up to 24 free spins. The WILD symbol, which works as a wildcard and replaces all the symbols on a prize line, can also grant x2 and x4 prize multipliers when it appears occupying 4 boxes in vertical.

This machine allows automatic re-spins to be produced to achieve a winning line. In addition, the "increase" feature allows a smaller winning line to become a higher value after a re-spin. This will happen randomly.

Slots Online Respin Circus, Our Verdict

We loved this innovative Online Tragaperras Machine of Elk Studios. It is exciting, fun, well worked and with very well made graphics. We also like that it has an action of average intensity and high volatility, which makes it attractive for beginner players and advanced players who want a game of smaller prizes, but long games.

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