Slot review

RTP 96.3%
volatility ALTO

Route 777

Feel all the flavor of the road in Elk Studios online Route 777 slot, a game of online random released in 2019. This creation takes us out of the classic online slots to take us to the real casino games, but accessible from where we want.

Discover in our honest review everything you should know about Route 777 before you start playing.

Route 777, Feel the authentic tasting of the road from home

Elk Studios Route 777 slot has a peculiar play format, since it reproduces the typical casino machines throughout its splendor, including the simulation of an electronic screen of yellow bulbs, something genuine from the actual slots. Undoubtedly, this slot has something special and it is how it knows how to bring the modernity of online casino games along with the recreation of the slots of the 90s. The music is reluctantly rocker and the effects are well achieved if what was intended was Create the illusion of being before an 'before' machine.

So we come to the dynamics of play, which is undoubtedly 'from before', but with the technological novelties that allows us to enjoy the Internet. The first is that this is a 3-row line Machine slot by 3 rollers, but with 17 possible prize lines. In the normal game there are 6 prize figures:

  • Cherry fruits, lemon and fig-Chumbo, who have the lowest prizes
  • The figure bar, in the middle zone
  • The 7 blue, red and silver, where the silver is the maximum prize of the machine during the normal game.

In all cases we must achieve 3 equal figures. In the extra game of the Roulette of La Fortuna, some additional figures appear.

It should be noted that according to Elk Studios, this machine has a medium-high volatility and incorporates the 'Betting Strategies' system with which we can regulate the betting system to enhance the benefits. Of course, you must know them in depth so as not to take you misunderstandings or disappointments:

  • Optimized bet: from a maximum percentage, which can be 1%, 2%, 5% or 10%, the machine automatically decides the bet of each roll
  • Leveller: The bet is increased by two levels from 5 losses followed and restarted after winning
  • Booster: 1 Betting level is increased every time there is a loss until the highest level of 4. is reinstated after winning
  • Jumper: increases a level after each prize until you increase 4 levels above the base bet. It is restarted after losing.

The extras on this machine are limited by the dynamics itself. We do not have a wildcard figure, but the skulls, which have two functions.

  • If 3 skulls appear we will enter the bonus game of the Roulette of La Fortuna, where we can achieve the maximum prize of this slot.
  • If 2 skulls appear on a prize line, we will activate 5 to 15 free strips.

Route 777 online slot, our opinion

A slot like those of before, but with the modernities of now. If you are tired of typical video slots, give it a chance to a slot that you want to be like the ones that dominated the real casinos in the 90, Route 777, Route 777 deserves a look and try the stock strategy system that incorporates serial.

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