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Secret Treasures

Dreamtech takes us to the Amazon jungle to explore ruins full of dangers and treasures in Secret Treasures, a newly departure slots already available in the best online casinos.

Enter the deepest of the jungle with us and discover the prizes, secrets and rules that hide in Secret Treasures.

Slots Online Secret Treasures, Ruins full of treasures

Secret Treasures is a slot that does not have the most original setting we have seen, in fact, although it does not stand out at all in its graphic section, fulfills well with a correct presentation. The graphics are quite static, something that arranged by adding a lot of detail, although we noticed a certain lack of cohesion between the design of the chips and that of the funds. Music does not stop being a slightly short and repetitive Mayan ambience.

Where Secret Treasures stands out is in its rules and playability. We talked about a cascade digital slot, that is, the pieces or figures, fall into the rollers stacked and when they form a winning combination, they disappear, leaving room for the stacking of new figures. When more than one combination is formed in a roll, we talk about a bonus combo. In other games this supposes multiplier at the prizes achieved in these pay lines, here are the door to the bonus and free-running modes.

The grid of this online slot is 5 rollers with 3 rows, in these appear 11 figures grouped in the following types:

  • 3 low-value figures with real sticks.
  • 4 Mid-value thematic figures showing explorer tools.
  • 2 Thematic figures of high value showing the protagonists of adventure, these have the curious rule that they only need 2 in a prize line instead of three for their lowest prize.
  • 1 Wild in the form of a snake of precious stones.
  • The scatter in the shape of a golden key.

When 3 consecutive combinations or combos are achieved, in the 25 pay lines, the Bonus Wild Pattern is activated. When activated in the box of the same name, the game grid is shown with signal spaces. By getting the 3 combinations, Wild Figures appear in these spaces that increase the chances of continuing with combos.

As for the free spins, these are achieved by getting 3 scatter figures into a roll, it is somewhat more complicated, since they usually appear from one in one. If you get, the player gets 12 free spins, during these thrown the Bonus Wild Pattern is more easily achieved, since it only requires 25 and not combos in a roll.

Thanks to this combination of bonus rules, this is a game with a very interesting volatility and a half / high RTP of 97.28%, nothing bad. As for the maximum bets and prizes, this game allows bets of 0.35 coins to a stop of 350, and the maximum prize is a jackpot of great value.

Secret Treasures, our verdict

We are facing a machine that is neither very original nor does it stand out in the aspects in which today most online, music and graphics slot stand out. However, Dreamtech repeats some of its tricks regarding bonus rules in similar and accepted machines, getting the runs always fun and full of surprises. A machine that we recommend who are more concerned about making good bets than to enjoy a good audiovisual presentation.

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