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Sexy Girls

The JPOP and the KPOP are becoming more fashionable in Western countries. This musical genre with a very clear imprint includes celebrities, normally boys and young and sensual girls. DreamTech has taken the most out of this setting with a very sensual slot called sexy girls.

Accompany us to the backstage of this exciting digital slot and discover with us the prizes and rules that hide in the dressing room.

Sexy Girls online slot, the most sensual side of pop music

Dreamtech has come closer to all the consequences of the JPOP terrain with this unusual ambience slots for which they have created the design of a whole group of music, the bet is so high that there are even dolls of the singers and original songs that are They use background on the machine. All this means, obviously, that the game has higher than usual production values and therefore a large graphic and sound section.

The background puts us full in a great concert in Japanese style with a full stadium, spectators with arms up high, effects of lights and 3 silhouettes dancing a perfect choreography that fits with a song that meets all gender standards. We warn, it is a very catchy tonadilla that will follow in your heads time after leaving the machine. The figures are simple, with the exception of the WILD that can be expanded in a complete column showing one of the 3 singers dancing with a lot of detail and a good animation.

As for the game rules, we are facing a very traditional slot with 5 rollers that 3 rows are shown and count on this grid with 25 prizes lines. The game meets Als more basic rules of the environment, 3 consecutive equal figures in a prize line are the minimum to win and are distributed as follows:

  • 4 low-value figures with the reals of the deck.
  • 2 figures of medium value and high in the form of merchandising.
  • The 3 Wild symbols that expand throughout the roller.

As seen in the list of figures available in this game, there is no scatter or bonus, instead of this, the game gives us free thrown in case of getting 2 or 3 Wild Figures in a single roll, each Wild is represented by A singer and occupies a complete column, being possible that they only appear in columns 2, 3 and 4 and being in each one of them a specific figure. When you get 2 of these figures at the same time the game bonuses us with 8 free spins, these runs do not have any special norm or bonus.

The minimum value that bet is 1 currency and the maximum of 225. That said, the maximum value of an award is 200. We do not find information about the RTP or the volatility of it, although by the experience, we have seen that it is about of securities within the usual.

Sexy Girls, our opinion

This Dreamtech bet on the Asian market by a machine that tributes to the Japanese pop divas is very worked on its particular presentation, with a graphic parking that brushes excellence levels and a sound section that is about its best asset. Music is up to the most famous topics of this genre and achieves that experience is attractive, in more than one sense. However, the bet stays at half a bellows when we talk about its playable section, with a machine not especially dynamic or fun and with an opacity little permissible for industry standards.

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