Slot review

RTP 94.98%
volatility Baja

Sun & Moon

The world of Mayan civilization fascinated Castilian explorers and continues to fascinate the world in each new finding that occurs. This mysterious culture serves as inspiration to Aristocrat Online to create a fantastic free slot machine that we explain below.

The world of ancient Mayans on a mysterious slot machine

Aristocrat Online is one of the veteran creators in Slot and games of chance online. Creator of Classics that we can find in a multitude of online casinos, this time brings us a free Machine Slot of five rollers and three rows with up to 20 possible prize lines. As we will see, this machine has a simple game dynamics and without complications.

The graphics of this game stand out for the high level of detail that the thematic figures incorporate, as well as colorful and pleasant designs in the figures that correspond to the deck of French cards. Likewise, this game has a mysterious sound atmosphere that will lead the player to the jungle to find the remains of this lost civilization. Both the music, Andean style, and the effects of water falling inside a Mayan construction, can be deactivated in the control panel, located at the bottom right of the screen.

This Virtual Slot Machine has been programmed using Flash, which requires having installed in your browser the Adobe Flash program to be able to play in Windows, Mac or Linux. If you want to play from your mobile device, you must install the Favorite online casino application.

Dynamics of the game

This machine does not have too many secrets, despite all the mystery that surrounds its subject. When you are accessed, we entered directly to the game screen that is formed by 5 rollers and three rows and has up to 20 possible prize lines.

All those players who have vibrated with the Free Machine Slot of Aristocrat Online, will recognize a simple and effective control panel on this machine. By default, the game is fixed on a bet on the 20 lines and a bet of $ 0.02 credits per line, which makes a total of $ 0.40 bet on run. We can modify the bet by pressing the + and - buttons on the line indicator and on the Betting indicator per line (BET per line). The minimum bet is 1 line and $ 0.02 and the maximum bet on this machine is 20 lines and $ 2.50 credits per line, which makes a total bet of $ 50 per run. The balance available for bet is at the bottom of the machine indicated in 'Balance'.

Pressing the PLAY button The rollers will be moving and different prize lines can be formed or not. The figures in this machine are as follows. First, in the lower band of the prizes, we find the usual figures of the French card deck: 9, 10, J, Q, K and A. In the high band of the prizes, we find the figures related to the theme of machine. If you want to get more details about the possible lines and combinations of lines, you must press on the button '?' And go to 'Pay Tables'.

This machine allows you to configure the Autoplay mode, which will allow you to make a certain number of runs without having to be aware of the machine. By pressing the + and - buttons located on the 'Play' button, you can configure from 5 to 25 consecutive automatic runs. You must bear in mind that the bet you are fixed at the beginning of the Autoplay mode, it will be the one that is applied to each and every one of the runs. You must make sure you have enough funds for all the runs.

Bonuses and extras

It is Play free slot machine It does not have too many extras, but the ones you incorporate will allow us to add emotion and more prizes. Let's start by the figure of the pyramid that can only appear in the second roller on the left. This pyramid hides a figure of any kind and, when it appears, it can help us have a prize line.

The golden sun or the silver moon have two functions in this game. Sometimes they work as wildcards and replaces all symbols except for another wild wildcard. But they are also awards figures that, when they appear they give rise to a round of free runs. If we obtain 2, 3, 4 or 5 figures of the golden sun or plated moon, even mixed, we will obtain 5, 10, 20 or 50 free thrown. During these free rolls, the prizes multiply by X2.

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