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RTP 98%
volatility Media

The Thimbles

The OnlyPlay software provider usually surprises players from all over the world with attractive instant games, and on this occasion it returns it with its Lottery type game The Thimbles. In this casino game you will have to choose what 'triller' you can bring you more luck to achieve prizes that can reach x20,000, x70,000 or x100,000. It also includes two exciting minigames. It is available on mobile phones and tablets. Meet all the advantages and features of the instant game The Thimbles in this review.


In the instant game the Thimbles of Onlyplay you can choose what croupier it will be the one who brings you more luck: the Caribbean pirate, the Mexican criminal, the Russian prisoner or the beautiful Japanese.

In this casino game you will not find reels or pay lines, just a table where you can decide if you want to play with 3, 4 or 5 cubes, to achieve prizes up to X20,000, X70,000 or X100,000. It also has a mini-game "double or half" and bonus. It allows betting between 1.00 and 500.00 and has an RTP between 90% and 98%. You can play on iPhone, iPad and Android devices.

Thematic and symbols

The curious characters of the Lottery type game The Thimbles, which you will only find in the best OnlyPlay casinos in Australia, are waiting to offer you the possibility to increase your profits to X100,000. You just have to choose from what croupier you want to play (docent, fire, Morgan, Momoko) and show you that you have what you need to win good prizes. It does not have a joker or scatter.


Do you consider yourself a very intuitive person? Then this instant game of OnlyPlay will love you. Once you choose the croupier you want to face, you will have to make your bet and try to discover in what cube the box hides. If you hit, you will multiply your prize and you can play at the next level.

At each table you can play with 3, 4 or 5 cubes and each alternative offers different prizes. For example, if you play with 3 cubes, the following prizes are offered:

  • Level 1: X3 Prize
  • Level 2: Award X9
  • Level 3: X27 Prize
  • Level 4: X81 Award
  • Level 5: Award x243
  • Level 6: X729 Award
  • Level 7: Award x2187
  • Level 8: Award x6561
  • Level 9: X20,000 Prize

In addition to choosing the croupier, you can also get keys with each of them (look at the meters at the top of the screen) to access the chest minigame and have the possibility to increase your profits.

If you get a prize, but you do not want to continue with the next phase nor do you want to charge it, you have another option: play the mini-game "double or half". It starts with the corresponding button that is right on the screen and its operation is very simple: if the currency falls from the X2 side, the prize is multiplied; While if it falls from the ½ side, the prize is divided.


Onlyplay Lottery The Thimbles game is an instant game without reels or pay lines. It has an RTP between 90% and 98% and allows bets between 1.00 and 500.00. Fast and simple game with two minigames and Awards X20,000, X70,000, X100,000. It can be played on iOS and Android devices.

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