Slot review

RTP 96.1%
volatility ALTO

Voodoo Gold

Travel to the southern swamps, where the Mississippi meets the sea, to give one of the most feared ancestral traditions for all: Voodoo. Elk Studios presents a slot as fearful as a subsidiary: the online slot Voodoo Gold.

Discover the mysteries of this dark religion in such an intense and exciting game as fun and full of chances. Nothing less than 262,144 with a maximum prize that reaches 5000X the bet of each roll.

Join us in this honest review and opinions of Voodoo Gold.

Online slots Voodoo Gold of Elk Studios: Luck recites black magic

Elk Studios Gambling manage to capture our attention thanks to its game dynamics, but also thanks to its very well built graphic environments. Something that surprises us delivery after delivery is the ability to create effector slot that lead us to the subject they want to represent in an easy way.

The somewhat intriguing setting is adjusted as a glove to the setting of the game, yes, it has not finished convincing the totally static background from which only small points of light are highlighted that seem to move.

Dynamics of the game

This game is an online slot that combines the waterfall type game with the chances of winning, which are increasing as we can do prize lines. We detail it below.

In total we have 12 prize figures that divided them into three groups:

  • Four symbols of Voodoo: green cross, yellow goat head, five-timing star blue and red heart. Grant the lowest game awards
  • Four objects of the Voodoo: Potion, rooster, dice and hat.
  • Characters of Voodoo: Zombie, witch, skull and the boy, are the highest prizes of this slot.

In total we must achieve between 3 and 6 equal figures and in contiguous rollers in each roll. Every time we achieve a prize, the award-winning figures will disappear and fall new, opening the game screen and covering all the chances of prize. When the prizes end, we will return to the original area.

As for bets there is something in Elk Studios that we love, which is your automatic betting system. We can bet of 0.20 to 100 credits by slap in all the runs. The system also allows us to automate the increase of bets with one of the 4 systems: Oppimited, by levels, with increase or jumps. In the section dedicated to betting you will find information and you can select the type of bets and progressivity in each roll.

Bonuses and extras

The game has certain extras. The first are the giant figures of 2 × 2, 3 × 3 or 4 × 4 with the face of one of the 4 figures of greatest prizes. These will only be activated when they touch the background of the game screen. Meanwhile, voodoo wildcards (WILD) will appear, occupying the spaces that have not been filled out by other 1 × 1 figures. Throughout the fall, wildcards Wild will be able to replace prize figures in combinations.

Sometimes 1 or 2 figures of bonus can fall that hides a pump that will destroy the figures around them. If two fall, they will break at once. If three, four, five or six Bonus figures will not be explosive, but we will open a round of 6, 9, 12, or 15 free runs.

During the free runs we will occupy the entire game screen, that is: the base game and the 4 upper rows and, in addition, all Wild Wilders that appear will always be fixed on the game panel until you finish the free running shift.

Slot machine online Voodoo Gold: nuestro veredicto

Do not be afraid of games that seem different. The online slot Voodoo Gold is original and we believe that you will do well by throwing them together, as it is a known dynamic, but with that extra turn that we like and that Elk Studios has managed to give him. A great prize relationship, controlled volatility and the optimized betting system in each roll. Undoubtedly a slot we owe and we want to recommend.

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