Slot review

RTP 95%
volatility Media

Where’s The Gold

Gold fever serves as an inspiration to the Aristocrat online gaming factory to bring us a slot machine where our goal is to find the most precious metal: gold.

Where's The Gold, Gold and Fortune Fever on a slot machine

The online slot machines are characterized by reproducing the real ones, but in the quiet environment of our house or pause at work. They serve us to learn better game techniques or start in this type of entertainment. This machine is a classic five rollers and three rows with up to 25 possible prize lines.

With caught and fun graphics, while clear and colorful, there are practically no visual distractions in this game. So much so that the control panel has disappeared and, as we will see in the chapter dedicated to the dynamics of the game, the betting controls have been in the background.

Unlike other Slot Machine, Where's The Gold has no sound atmosphere, there is no music that accompanies us during the game. Some players will appreciate being able to play only very discrete sound effects, designed to highlight the important moments and prizes. If we want to play in silence we can do it in two ways. The first is at the beginning of the game, in which we ask if we want or not sound, the other is during the game where accessing the control panel, whose button is located at the top right.

Finally, this machine has been programmed in HTML5, which allows you to play from any computer with Windows, MacOS or Linux and any mobile device such as Smartphones or Tablets with Android or iOS natively, without needing an application.

Dynamics of the game

The first thing that catches the attention of this free slot machine is that there is no visible control panel at the bottom of the game screen, which is where we usually encounter it. Instead we have a 'spin' button on the right side of the screen that is blurred until we approach the mouse and click, at which time the drums are operated and disappeared.

How can we change the bet by run? In this machine the bets can be modified on the control panel we have at the top right of the screen. Accessing Him We found the 3 game options. The first modifies the total number of prize lines to which we want to bet, which by default is the 25 with which this game has. Next we have the credit per line that we want to bet on each roll, which by default is marked at $ 0.20 and that we can increase up to $ 4.00. The last option is the autoplay mode settings that will allow us to play a certain number of runs without requiring to be in front of the machine controlling. We can configure from 5 to 100 consecutive runs, but you must bear in mind that the bet you are fixed at the beginning in this way, will be applied in each and every one of the runs. Check that you have enough balance. You can check your available balance, the total bet and the award received on the indicator located at the top of the game screen.

As we have said, this machine has 25 prize lines that are formed from a total of 8 figures that are divided according to the award they give. On one side we have the block that form the figures of the French card deck: J, Q, K and A. On the upper side we have the thematic figures of this fantastic slot machine:

  • The peak and the shovel
  • The carriage
  • The entrance to the mine
  • The gold search engine

Finally, the game has the only bonus, which is the figure of the dynamite. The appearance of 3 or more figures of the dynamite entitled to play 10 free spins. This bonus game has the particularity that some figures become gold figures. When this happens, these symbols work like wildcard WILD and can replace any other figure on a possible prize line. During the free shooting game, we can receive more free thrown and keep the bonus game.

You can check the standards and values of the figures at any time by entering the information section you will find in the control panel.

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