How do slot machines work?

The slots are one of the most demanded games in online casinos. The design studios of the suppliers are authentic herviders of ideas and compete for launching the most slots with the most innovative and fun titles. But what is behind the interface of a slot machine online?

How the result is determined in each roll

All the Slots and slots online, whether they are and regardless of their theme and prizes have two very well different parts:

  1. The interface, which we could consider something like the outside of the game, set with a theme that gives rise to audiovisuals that characterize it, and in which the player interacts with the machine.
  1. The internal software of the machine, in charge of generating the combinations that give rise to all the functions of the machine, from place the symbols on the rollers until the bonuses and give prizes, called RNG.

The RNG and the game interface are two independent parts: they work separately, and this is something very important to understand the essence of its mechanics. The interface is only active when someone plays with slot, but the Software giving color Generates random combinations constantly, regardless of whether there is a gaming session running or not.

This principle of independence between the two epicenters of online slots is what it guarantees that there are 100% gambling, unalterable and unpredictable. Any combination may appear at any time: it does not depend on how many runs the machine has accumulated or any other external factor.

The best way to get an idea about the randomness of online slots, is to think that they are machines without memory. All possible combinations are available for each runner of an online slot, without there being any reference from the previous one, nor predisposition towards the next.

Progressive Jackpots

Many you will be asking what happens then with slots with progressive boats, if it is true that there are no sequence patterns between the runs.

Well, although they are usually called "progressive", these games work equally with an RNG, so actually the winning combination of the boat is generated thousands of times at every minute, only that statistically it is very likely to match the time in That a player pulses spin.

It is traditionally called progressive boats since the times of physical machines based on mechanical principles of randomness, which also included the jackpots as an extra function. They were that kind of machines where you always left with the uncertainty if the next one in playing behind you would take the prize, when you left coins behind a long lucky streak.

In fact, a more suitable term would be "slot with accumulated boats", in which the boat award grows progressively when accumulating a small percentage of each of the players' throws involved in a network of machines with the same title.

That is why experts insist that the opposite of popular belief, in the case of online slots, no progressive canister is "about to fall" by the fact of having accumulated a lot: in reality, the largest jackpots have the Same possibilities of touching that those who have just begun accumulated.

Credits, payment tables and RTP

Even in progressive slots, most of the players' awards come from the hand of the combinations that are achieved from the base game screen and the bonus games. This is exactly what they explain what we traditionally call "credits" of slots, which include information on:

  1. Common and special symbols: Total number of symbols to form combinations, with its value, rollers in which they are available and (in the case of special symbols) bonuses that activate.
  2. Special functions: Extras of the game with which to get bonuses. Some of these functions include stacked wildcards, winning combinations that disappear cascading ... and although many are frequent in slot from different suppliers, others are exclusive to certain brands.
  3. Bonus games: They constitute screens to part of the base or main game, and have the form of mini bonus games. They include free round rounds, bets to bend the last prize achieved, and in the most sophisticated video slots with different consecutive levels of bonus games.
  4. Payment Table: It is the slot awards map. First, the directionality tells you (in consecutive rollers from left to right, from right to left or in both directions). It also shows you what all the possible winning combinations of the game on the rollers are placed, depending on Paylines (Paylines) that are drawn on the grill of the base game with color lines, or ways to Win (combinations), Coloring the boxes of symbols necessary for them to form.
  5. RTP: It usually appears on the last screen, next to warnings in case of malfunction and credits. But some casinos place it out of the game, next to the informative text with the instructions of the game, the range of bets that you accept, the maximum prize ...

When you start a game and activate the game interface, the first thing you usually see is the name of the casino and the developer, followed by a small presentation to contextualize the game. Some video slots come to show so developed intros and so much that look like small animated shorts.

Normally, the following that appears is a fixed screen as an informative poster about the special functions that contains the game, the mini games and other extras such as the boats, and then you finally view the screen with the base game.

At this point you can start the game proper, by pressing SPIN, or search for the "Info" or "Pay Table" button at the bottom or top of the screen. This is where the graphic instructions of the game are, you can see in a succession of fixed screens that you go through manually.

Activation of bonuses in slots

The different bonus functions of Slots are one of its most interesting characteristics. Encompass all the components of the game dedicated to favoring that you get winning combinations in the base game, Improve the achievements, And to create more Victoria options. These are some of the most frequent:

  1. Rounds of free spins.They are activated when completing a specific combination, usually with scatter symbols (or other specific for this function). The rounds of free runs can pass on the same base game screen or on a separate screen if they entail extra bonuses, as greater payments for the prizes, more wildcards density ... in many games are reactivable, which means that if you return to Remove the combination with which they start, smooth sums additions to those you already had.
  2. Bottomed Games.They are all extra screens to part of the base game, with which you can also win prizes through interactive games. Some of the bonus games are very basic, as for example betting to double or nothing the last reward you just got to get. But others require skill and offer high resolution images thanks to 3D animations that bring them to be considered a video game. They are one of the characteristics of slots that allow greater innovation, and also the best tool (along with music and the decorated) to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the game.

Verification and audits for the RNGs

The theme and the type of interface are the most commonly used resources to mark differences and classify the slots, but the truth is that all of them work with a pair system. The number of rollers is not really more than reminiscent of traditional physical machines, because no drums loaded with symbols are no longer needed to get combinations.

The times of the mechanical gears and the tricks were left behind a long time ago, discarding with them Sistemas de amañe by little honest operators and players' tricks to foresee the proximity of the prizes.

The verification and periodic audit of the RNGs are responsible for independent agencies such as ECOGRA or THE, who work in collaboration with suppliers, operators by casinos and institutions granted by licenses to the latter.

Probability control

Apart from the reliability advantages that the RNGs give to the Online Slots, the fact that they work through a software also allows greater statistical control over the payment frequencies.

The SLOTS RTP is often described as the calculation after analyzing the results at multiple game sessions, although in fact from the moment the game begins to be designed, the RTP is programmed according to the volatility From each machine, for what they influence (in addition to the possibilities of combination in the base game) all the extras of the bonuses that improve the options of drawing prize in each roll.

When the final version of a new slot is finished, the RTP returns to be calculated, this time, from the average of rewards achieved in different game sessions long enough to start all the functions and bonus games.

That reason why most slots with high volatility are endowed with boats and jackpots, which compensate their half-lowest RTPs than the rest of the games. And the same happens with the value that developers give the symbols of the slots with lower variance (greater frequency of winning combinations every few runs), to deliver lower prizes that continue to allow the casino to maintain the advantage of the house.


In short, even if you see the rollers of the online slots (not counting titles such as Bubble Craze and Apollo Rising that they do without them), the combinations symbols are no longer produced in them. The RNG sends random and uninterrupted combinations to the interface, even when the interface is not turned on. That's why with the only slots everything is simple and plainly a matter of luck.