Understand the RNG in slot and online casino games

Some time ago it was considered that it was not necessary to understand how it worked an online slot to get the most out of it. However, the information is a , and we are more and more we prefer to know the characteristics of a game before bet on.

Why the RNGs are important for Slots players online

It is true that to play Slots Online you do not need predictive algorithms like those used for sports betting or the Traditional French roulette, but it is never more basic mathematical notions. You may not win more money, but maybe you will lose less.

The slots, also called Las Vegas style slots, are a type of game for which one is not required. In fact, that is one of the foundations of its success and what makes them the main source of recaudatory Most online casinos.

The interfaces of this type of gambling are completely intuitive and, unlike calls "fruit slot", do not even require decisions. Since it is not possible to cultivate the dexterity to win, the only option that slot players have is to understand the fundamentals of the machine.

What does RNG mean in the slot

The acronym RNG comes from English "Random Number Generator", in Australian generator of random numbers. In the slots it is called the software in charge of its operation. Let's say it comes to being a digital version of what the internal mechanism of physical machines was in their day.

Initially, slots worked mechanically based on concepts such as randomization. In fact, reels or rollers that are still today in digital versions, are reminiscent of those "bandits" powered with a lever.

But as you can imagine, those mechanisms had their deficiencies regarding possible combinations and the order in which they appeared. At the moment Each Slot title It has its own micro generator between one and several hundred million numbers per second, which determine the position of the rollers.

When digital processes exceeded the limitations of the mechanics in terms of random generation, it was over predicting or altering the combinations of the machines. Since then the slots became authentic random machines and winning or losing has been just a matter of luck ... Or not?

Well, you can take a look at our items on the RTP and volatility to see how far other factors influence your winning or lose options. But the truth is that if something have contributed the RNGs to the Free online tragamonas in Australian, It is reliability against fraud.

How do the RNG work on the slot?

As your own name indicates, the RNG software serves to generate random number. In a slot this is translated into independent processes that can not be altered in any way and that are completely unpredictable. They do not even depend on the game is working or not.

The final result are combinations that appear so we could call a mere question of luck. Neither the developer, nor the operator, nor can they alter their operation, and there are even specialized international laboratories to verify that the RNGs used at online gaming comply with this premise.

We have all seen the typical major ladies at stalking a machine in the halls of the sites casinos such as Reno or Las Vegas, and surely remember those bar machines in which the money was collected daily to avoid "looter".

In this type of slot, the machine raised somewhat of each bet, and released it in the form of a prize with a certain regularity, that the most wasted could come to intuit. But devices with RNGS do not work like this: and this includes not only the slots, also board games with automatic casting card, video bingo, Video poker

If everything is a matter of luck, why does the casino always get benefits?

The "random" or randomization that guarantees the use of an RNG implies that the combinations processor and the interface of the machine are separated from each other. The generator of combinations is independent and inaccessible, and therefore it can not be altered in order to promote profits or losses.

However, as we mentioned at the beginning the slots are an inexhaustible source of income for online casinos. Well, operators do not need to manipulate them to win, because they have what is known as "house advantage", a concept present in all the games that are offered at any casino.

The advantage of the casino is the opposite of the RTP. In each game, the operator is obliged to inform you about the percentage of theoretical return to the player, that is, how much money you will recover (on average and in theory) after betting.

As you have seen, this figure is always less than 100%, but there are many options that you can consult in the best-slots-australia.com RTP database.

For a game with 98.8% RTP, the casino will gain 1.2% of the total bets made by their players. It has the mathematics on your part, so you have no problem with letting the RNGs of your games work normally.

In any case, the authorities of each jurisdiction (such as the DGOJ in Australia) are responsible for inspecting that it is, and the casinos do not succeed in any case lose their reputation, the confidence of their players or their licenses for issues of this type . They are already getting legal benefits.

How does the RNG affect you as a player?

One last important thing to know about the functioning of the RNGs, is that many other things stop importing. And once you understand why the slots machines online They work like this, it is when you are really prepared to enjoy the excitement of playing.

Basically, the randomness of the RNGs affects you when playing slots at the following points:

  1. It is totally irrelevant at what point you are ready to play, who is playing at the same time you, before or later, and which ones have been your bets and results.
  2. You do not need to choose games depending on whether they receive a lot of bets because they are popular. You have the same possibilities to achieve great prizes with titles that share the same characteristics but escape the majority taste.
  3. At the time of quantifying your options to get the maximum prize, it does not matter if the game takes a long time without giving a fat prize.
  4. Although accumulated boat counters can take you to think otherwise, at no time is there an online slot about to deliver a great prize.
  5. Play more or faster does not increase your Possibilities of winning: It seems to you that you want more simply because you are betting more.

In addition, once the game session has begun, the slot either will not react from one way or another depending on the money you have lost or lived with the previous ones. You can discard superstitions and at the same time stay calm in terms of possible scams. The Games RNG makes them armored.

Does the RNG work the same for all online games?

The answer is yes, but with some nuances. It is true that the thing changes a little when the number of possible combinations is limited, for example, to the cards of a deck. That's what happens at the video poker or Blackjack tables, in which the player is announced with how many downloads is played simultaneously in each hand.

We tend to believe that games of chance (including their online versions) have something similar to a memory regarding the prizes, but the truth is that it is not like this: the RNGs are responsible for the processes that give rise to new combinations "forget "Full the previous ones.

If in a conventional slot machine, the one behind you takes the jackpot, of having continued playing a few more thrills you would have been the awarded. But with an online slot this does not work like that. Each prize is the result of the combination generated at that particular moment, and not a consequence of the previous movements.

RNG in Slots and online card games

It is not true that the RNGs will make you easier or more difficult to win depending on the online game you choose. Suppose you will play with the simplest model of slots: a classic 3 roller slot and a single line of payment, in which each roller has a total of 30 possible positions.

Only one, among all the possible combinations of symbols in the 3 rollers, allows you to take the maximum prize. Your options to achieve it are (30x30x30) 27,000 against 1.

The RNG of the slot will be generating the 27,000 possible combinations so quickly, which the one that contains the prize will appear again and again during your game session. The problem is that the possibility that it matches the moment when you press the Spin button, it is very small. That's why getting the prize is so difficult.

Think that the Barajas have about 50 cards, and is played with decks at least 6 Barajas per hand. So although some of the card games (Pontoon, Blackjack, Video Poker ...) present tables for play strategies and some percentages of RTP considerably higher than other games, you should not lose sight of the advantage of the house in favor of the casino.