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RTP 97%
volatility ALTO

1 Left Alive

Small Zombies Slots

4Theplayer has designed this fantastic slot for Yggdrassil with an incredible 97% RTP and medium-high volatility that has a potential of up to € 260,000 of maximum prize by turn. In a 5 × 4 of 1,024 combinations that can reach until 32,768, which is played with bets between 10 cents and € 50 per turn. With these figures it will be impossible to resist killing a few zombies.

But before the zombie apocalypse begins and the living dead are thrown up, keep in mind that to survive you are ready for free, scatters, special wildcards and stacked symbols that can cover the roller from top to bottom.

Anship your aim

The survivor of the game is the main payment symbol and also the wildcard. Pay 50-20-5 credits by combination of 5, 4 or 3 equal placed in one of the 1,024 combinations. Then you will find yourself with the 4 types of zombies that populate this terrifying Slot: the woman, the man, the zombie that crawls and the infected crowd (payments between 20 and 0.5 credits); and the 6 lower payment symbols.

Giros gratis 1 Left Alive

With 3 SCATTERS Free Spins with the hand of the zombie you will begin a round of 10 free spins in which the bonuses are selectable, depending on how you choose: Choose the Zombie type to shoot first to start. There is 4 and that of the Zombie woman is the most powerful. If in any turn, take the symbol of the survivor and the zombie that you have chosen, she will be able to shoot the dam of it and turn it into a wild wildcard that will be placed on the following turns moving a downward position. During free spins the central rollers (2-3-4) can make more bonus appear by adding 7 additional free spins that you already have: the maximum are 700 turns per round.

Best of 1 Left Alive

Yes, this slot of zombies will delight the lovers of Series B of terror, but it is also coming with:

  1. Additional payments for each symbol that is part of a prize
  2. Awards with wildcard that multiply up to x5,000
  3. Rounds up to 700 free spins
  4. An RTP of those who make history
  5. Very fun and above all, with excellent graphics

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