Slot review

RTP 96.5%
volatility ALTO

2 Gods Zeus versus Thor

The battle of the classic myths has begun, both give us that they are red against blue or Madrid against Barcelona: in this case Zeus and Thor promise to give everything in a battle of spins without equal. Designed with a maximum prize x15.360 times your bet, 2 Gods Zeux vs Thor complies with the RTP greater than 96% of all YGGDrasil games. Of course, on this occasion volatility shoots.

Giros Gratis 2 Gods Zeus VS Thor

The first thing you should have clear in this mythological slot is on what side you are. So the time has come to ask, I am more of classic myths or Scandinavian culture?

Whatever your pantheon, it starts a round of 7 free bonus spins taking 3 sacatters (red or blue, no matter the color). Depending on what color you are playing at that time, if it also results that the 3 scatters, or at least 2 of 3 match your color, instead of 7 will be 10 free starting turns.

Dual Spin

Each free spin of the game promises a prize. To start the round you will have to choose with who you go: Zeus (red, payments from left to right) or Thor (blue, payments from right to left), and if combinations proliferate in the direction of your color, multipliers x2 that They will duplicate. Also keep in mind that it is reactivable rounds, so it is more than likely that you finish by adding additional free spins.

The best and worst of 2 Gods: Zeus vs Thor

  • The symbols of Zeus and Thor are in addition to comfort symbols of their respective groups of symbols of the same color.
  • The game comes with a roller selector: small or large, you can activate or deactivate at any time during the game. Large will allow you to play on the mobile phone full screen
  • Given the creative wonders to which we have accustomed us in Yggdrasil, it is possible that this game is aesthetically ran something short to more than one. The lower symbols are simple runes / letters, and leaving aside the divine flashing, the animations do not give for much more.

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