4Theplayer casino and slot games

4Theplayer is one of the creators of gambling of more recent foundation in the online casinos sector. They opened in 2018 and in these two years a good reputation has been carved with only half a dozen developments. Using the latest technologies have focused their developments in games for casinos and aggregators of smartphones Slot Machines.

So, if you are curious about what this young developer is offering, he continues to read this article.

Brief story of 4Theplayer

4Theplayer was founded in 2018 by Andrew Porter, Chris Ash, Thomas Scalzilli and Henry McLean. Andrew is the CEO and has more than 16 years of experience in the online gaming industry in companies like Playtech. The rest of the team also has experience in the same company, except for Thomas Scalzilli, the creative director, who had a leading company in Latin America in the world of special effects (VFX) for film and announcements of large companies. The presence of it is very notorious in the graphic aspect of its developments.

His first game appeared in 2019 and since then, this small company based in London has achieved important collaborations with other developers and distributors of great presence such as Yggdrasil or Silver Bullet.

His first development, 9K Yeti, got the 2nd place in the best online slot of the prestigious online web-slot.co.uk competing with slots of many of the largest creators in the sector. Since then they have developed another machine and a game of dice, and have already announced the development of another 3 games.

Of players for players, clean game

Among the missions of 4Theplayer is that of offering exciting, attractive, innovative experiences and, above all, responsible game. For this, they have a UKGC license, the United Kingdom Gaming Commission, which meets the country's standards that today are still the same as those of the European Union.

As part of this Commission, they also collaborate with BegambaleWare, which is the main national association in the United Kingdom of betting games.

In addition, all your games include all the necessary information to understand your rules, volatility and return to the player (RTP). In his passion for adult and exciting developments, they offer games with a good RTP, but with a very high volatility and the chances of winning very high value prizes.

Development of software and technology

Being such a young company, he has in all his projects with the latest technology. Likewise, its main development platform is the smartphone, so they have very optimized games that take advantage of all the latest progress in interactivity and animations offered by the HTML5 platform.

The 4Theplayer Games

As we have commented before, 4Theplayer is very freshly created and therefore still has a very small catalog of games, specifically 3 already developed. However, it is online casino games with a bet for adult themes and a very marked comic graphic style in all of them.

The games offered are:

  • 9K Yeti: A digital slot machine set in the majestic Everest and with the presence of the famous snow monster in a pretty aggressive version. It is a game with 4096 prize lines and a prize of 9000 times the value of the bet.
  • 1 Left Alive Plus + Ways: Another slot with a more terrifying touch, zombies. In this there are up to 1024 lines to win, but with Bonus mode with the Ways® Plus, it offers more than 32 thousand possible combinations.
  • 100 bit says: Game game with dice where you can bet that the value that comes out greater or less than number, the best awarded bets are always those that have a lower range of available numbers. It is simple and very addictive.

In addition to these 3 are now preparing more digital slot launches and another game of dice. All of them available in a multitude of casinos thanks to their agreement with the market giant, Yggdrasil.

Customer service and security

With only 3 games in Having, 4Theplayer is a company that in a very short time is making a step in the world of gambling for online casinos. In addition, they have demonstrated a great ability to adapt their games, always thinking about mobile developments and with a little usual, but more comfortable, vertical screen design. They really show a good know-how and a voracious appetite for innovation. Its two slot machines are two work of great quality, with prizes in their credit and their first random board game development is a sample of simplicity and addiction.

It is clear that the most interesting of 4Theplayer is its most than promising future, meanwhile its first steps have achieved them to locate them on the map.

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