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RTP 96.11%
volatility Media

Dr Reactive’s Laboratory

DR Reactivities Laboratory Also known as Doctor Reactive Mega Drop is a Slot developed by Red7 that will introduce you in a laboratory full of prizes. Do you have Alchemist's soul? Start playing Dr Reactives Laboratory here in Slots-Australia!

The numbers of DR Reactivities Laboratory

The RTP in this slot is 96.11%, discreet figure, but not excessively Rácene. The game is developed on the basis of 8 rollers with 8 heights, all of them active without needing that, for this, bonuses appear or any other function.

Actually there are no pay lines. In this game, to obtain prizes the symbols have to fall together, regardless of much if it is above, below, on the left or on the right.

The minimum bet is 20 cents and the maximum of 100 euros.

Take the Awards in DNA - Special functions

In this slot you can feel the chemistry of the prizes. When five or more symbols come together, you are given a prize and the symbols explode to drop new ones. Of course, if new combinations are generated in this new symbols, you will also charge them.

The wildcard replaces any symbol except the atom and can have a multiplier that goes from one to five. If in a winning combination there are several wildcards, the amount earned will multiply for each multiplier up to a maximum of X1000. Once the joker is used in a winning combination, it will exploit and disappear. If it is not used, but there has been some winning combination, so that more symbols will fall, it will remain there.

The symbol of the atom reacts with lightning and DNA. When combined with DNA, they exploit the row and column and give a prize equal to your bet, in addition to dropping new symbols. When combined with lightning, a minor payment symbol type will be randomly selected and all those that have that type will disappear, to make room for a new drop in symbols.

On the left, you will see a liquid meter. This meter is filled in as a roll falling out symbols fruit of a winning combination. If it is filled to the appropriate levels, you will receive from 10 to 15 free runs. During the free runs, the wildcard multiplier can go from 2 to 10.

The awards

The most interesting prizes are those of the progressive pot that can be achieved in the Slots called Mega Drops. These prizes are granted randomly, but the greater the best possibility is to get them.

There are three jackpots: minor, with a maximum of € 1500, Major, with a maximum of 20,000 and Epic, with a maximum of € 200,000.

Apart, we also have the possibility of multiplying the bet by 1000 with the multipliers.

As for the base game, 15 DNA symbols multiply your bet by 50 and 15 rays by 40. Therefore, the potential for strong profits is in the multipliers of wildcards, not so much in the base game.

The design - Welcome to the laboratory

The design of this game has a comic aesthetic in which we play in a somewhat incomprehensible machine with a background laboratory. The symbols are the different typical containers of a laboratory.

The music is nice and encouraged with the prizes, in our opinion it brings a lot of the game by giving it dynamism.


It is an original slot that avoids the classic five rollers and the scheme of the pay lines. The variance is average with what there can be bad racks and low or good prizes and high prizes. Although this is an obviously talking about Slots, your experience with this game will depend a lot on your luck. It is not of those games that are entertained even if you lose.

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