Slot review

RTP 96.33%
volatility Media


The simple is sometimes refreshing and Bally has the ability to surprise us in that sense. Simplicity and elegance are the brand of this online slot creator and with FruitNation is exactly what brings us to our computers.

Join us on this trip through one of the simplest and elegant slots we can find in the best online casinos in Australian: FruitNation.

FruitNation: Double ration of frosty fruit

Ah! Las Vegas, that classic. Fruits, basic noises, prizes and few complications. That is what we are going to find in FruitNation, a classic slot until it is enough and away from bonus games and complex rules. With a game screen of 5 rollers for 3 rows and only 5 prize figures, it is difficult to be buried in rules, rules and options.

Here we have only 7 prize figures divided into these two groups:

  • Fruits: Ordades of less to more are cherries, lemon, orange, plum and watermelon
  • Thematic figures: the bell and 7 of the luck

Cherries have the particularity of throwing ourselves a prize if it appears twice on a prize line, the rest of the figures should appear a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 5, being the 5 'seven of the luck' the maximum prize, valued in 20,000X the bet. The bets range from a maximum of 5000 credits up to a minimum of 5 credits per run.

FruitNation: Our verdict

Correct graphics, acceptable sound effects and a game dynamic without complications. That's what Bally proposes us and that's exactly what we're going to find. No more no less. If you are looking for a game with great options, FruitNation is not for you and, in fact, it is easy to get tired with a few runs. Despite everything, this slot is exactly what it promises.

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