Slot review

RTP 96.08%
volatility Media

Wild Zone

In English "Wild Zone" has a clear meaning "the wild zone", but Bally has decided to give it a cluster round of fruits, bells and 7s of luck with a wild area.

We have analyzed this original review of classical slots and these are our conclusions.

Bally Zone Online Slots Wild Zone: Review the Stylish Classics

Bally has presented this 2020 a couple of classic slots that have loved us. One is FruitNation, a simple slot that we have reviewed this pages. The other is Wild Zone, where we return to find the classics of Las Vegas with a daring design, a suggestive music and a female voice that invites us to enjoy the wild area.

What is the wild zone? We will see it right away.

Here we find 10 lines of prize and 7 figures:

  • Fruits: cherries, lemon, orange and plum
  • High Figures: Bar, Bell and 7S of Luck

We can achieve prize if we join 3, 4 or 5 equal figures in a prize line. Bets range from 10 credits by runs up to 5000 credits, this being the maximum bet. The maximum prize that we can achieve is 1000x the bet.

The figure of the diamond is wildcard WILD and replaces all prize figures in a line. But we also have 'the wild area' or 'The Wild Zone'. It is a region of the highlighted machine that changes in each roll. If we achieve that a diamond is situated in that area, all the figures will be converted into wildcards. There are a total of 21 possible areas.

Wild Zone: Our verdict

Turning the classics of the slots is always a good idea, but sometimes additives do not work as we expected. At Wild Zone, this has happened to us exactly: the incentive of the Wild area has not been enough to activate a game in which it has been very difficult for us to achieve a prize. It is easy to fall into boredom after a few shots.

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