Slot review

RTP 96.17%
volatility ALTO

Fruits in Flames

The simplest games are sometimes the most fun. Bally promises us exactly that in Fruits in Flames online, the third review of the Fruit Classics of Las Vegas that he has presented us this 2020 along with FruitNation and Wild Zone. Here we must collect all the fruits that we can and fold our prize ... or lose everything in the attempt.

FRUITS IN FLAMES: The hottest thing is to win the double

Bally has the ability to introduce us as simple as effective and with Fruits in Flames comes the third installment of a classic of casinos: fruits. In the graphic part there are not too many things to highlight: correct design, correct animations, music adjusted to the subject and, again, a suggestive voice that presents us with the game.

Game dynamics

We are facing a classic video slot with five rollers and three rows with 10 game lines. So far as well as in the other two deliveries of Bally that we have reviewed. The prize figures are a total of 7:

  • Fruits: cherries, lemon, orange, plum and watermelon
  • Thematic figures: the bells and the 7 of the luck

Bets range from 20 credits and 5000 credits per run and also change depending on the figures obtained. We recommend you consult the total prizes in the information section of this slot.

Every time we get a prize we can bet it not to one, if not two games:

  • Card set: A classic card game in which we must choose if we are going to red or black. If a letter of the chosen color comes out, we bet bet and continue, otherwise we will lose the bet. We can also pick up half of the prize and bet only the other half or withdraw when we want to picked up the accumulated prize before making a bet.
  • The staircase: It is a prize staircase in which we ascend or descend until you lose everything. Two positions will lightly illuminate, a high position and a low that can be 0. If pressing the light indicator stops in the high position, we will ascend and the function will be repeated, but the next low position will no longer necessarily be 0. The game It ends when we lose everything or when we want to retire.

There are no other extra functions in this game.


In summary: there is unsettable in this game. It has cost us horrors achieve an interesting prize and to be able to bet on the two double-o-or-nothing mini-games and have really been bored with the few runs.

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