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RTP 96.06%
volatility Media

Mysteries of the East

Evoplay is one of the most active developers of the recent panorama of gambling for online casinos. There are many the slots you have presented in recent months, but this month has presented something much more original, a roll-and-move Board Adventure, that is, a board game to throw the die and advance on a board. A curious format that does not stop being equivalent to a slot, but in another format.

Join us next to the charming Keiko in your search for orchid temple for your complicated and fun road in this game of dice and EVOPLAY board. Your 96% return and its simple rules surely trap you.

A board and random game in feudal Japan.

The first thing that catches attention in Mysteries of the East is your board, here we do not see a lot of figures in several rollers, but a board with paths that cross and in each box some symbol, always a cat footage, although There are also wells, foxes, arrows that change direction in some runs, temples and prize symbols that go from the X1 to X20.

The board stands out for the detail of the background, its color and the varied that results, although something static, since the animations are reserved for the symbols that float in the special boxes, our protagonist and, of course, the prizes. In the sound section it is nice and very functional, it does not stand out and is not annoying either.

But let's talk about the rules of this curious game. Although it may seem strange at first, it is a very simple and easy-to-understand game. In each roll a die of 6 faces will give a random number and Keiko, the protagonist, will advance that number of boxes on the board. Then, some rules will be applied according to the box in which she stops. Being the rules the following:

  • Nothing happens in the empty boxes.
  • In the boxes on which multiplier symbols float, we will win the amount bet multiplied by that symbol. For example, if we bet 1 credit and we fall into a box x6, we will win 6 credits.
  • In the boxes with the symbol of the fox, our protagonist will become a fox during the next roll. While a fox the value of the die roll will be double. That is, that, if you mark a 4, Keiko will move 8 boxes.
  • In the boxes with the Toriis (the arches of Japanese temples), a parchment fleet. By falling on these, 3 chests will appear, the player can select one. Each chest has a different prize value.
  • Finally, in the boxes with the holes, the player will lose and return to the board box of the board.

And the big rule is that, if the player gets to the final temple, he takes a prize of at least 50x, although on special occasions he can get multipliers of X100 and the largest prize, of X500.

Player's bets may vary between 0.1 credits and 500, although the maximum prize is limited to 2,500 credits, a decision that remains emotion to high betting.

Mysteries Of The East, nuestro veredicto

We liked it a lot to try such a risky and different proposal than usual than it is usually seen in the catalogs of digital casinos. However, the game is very simplified and the limitation of high prizes in the biggest bets, make it advisable for those who seek to have a good time with a simple and peaceful game.

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