Slot review

RTP 96.11%
volatility Media

Nessie’s Treasure Mega Drop Quest

Game characteristics

Nessie's Treasure Mega Drop Quest is a slot of Lake Ness monster designed by Red7 for WMS, with RTP 96.11% and a potential of € 250,000 maximum prize. You can play betting between € 0,20 and € 200 El Giro, and has a particular Special Wildcree System and Extra Awards that include free spins, cash prizes by further bet multiplier and wildcles.

Form combination from 3 equal symbols over one of the payment lines, placed on adjacent rollers from left to right: The most valuable is the Winning Wildcard, which pays up to 5,000 credits by combination of 5. The treasure chest follows (3,000-1,000-500), La Perla (2,000-600-300), the Scottish Bosa (1,000-400-200), Boina and binoculars (which are worth the same: 800-200-100) and the 4 symbols of inferior payment corresponding to the French deck sticks, all with maximum value of 400-100-50 credits.

Then you will realize that the game screen of this lake ness monster slot is somewhat peculiar: at the top, inside the lake, there is a 5 × 3 with the symbols corresponding to special functions of the game, floating in Barrels containing:

  • Additional wildcards
  • Numbers that indicate a quantity of free spins
  • Luckwives, which allow you 1 roll in Nessie Roulette. Your prizes reach your bet multiplied up to X500. You can activate up to 3 barrels at a time.

In the waterfall, the game board is properly, with a traditional 5 × 3 and the payment symbols. When the barrels fall through the waterfall are destroyed, but if you take a NESSIE joker, it will be immersed to refloat your prizes.

Special symbols

The Wildcard W replaces all regular payment symbols, and may appear on any roller throughout the game. Another game of the game is Nessie himself, which only appears in the last roller (5) during the base game, but is present in all odds (1-3-5) during free spins. This wildcard is very special because it can cause all barrels to float on the lake to apply to the gaming rollers at the waterfall, with the prizes they contain.

Giros Gratis Nessie’s Treasure Mega Drop Quest

The Bonus scatter also appears on the odd rollers (1-3-5), but only in the base game. If you take 3 or more start a round of 10 free spins. Free spins can also be activated by barrels with numbers (each one has indicated the amount of turns of the round). All rounds of free spins are reactivable, and if you take out more barrels additional turns to which you initially achieved with the bonuses or other barrels.

Free spins are played on an alternative screen, with more charged rollers of Nessie wild cards and new barrels. Keep in mind that free spins do not count for jackpots.

Jackpot Nessie’s Treasure Mega Drop Quest

The machine will ask you to choose a team with which to play, showing you the players who go with each of the three boats and the necessary bet:

  • Minor
  • Major
  • Epic

You can play with the option to win a part of any of them (2% of your total bet), or just one of them. When one of the attached players wins, the rest take a proportional part to their contribution during the 15 minutes prior to the delivery of the jackpot. Or if you prefer, you can select the option to play only, you will see at the bottom.

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