Slot review

RTP 96.2%
volatility ALTO

Night of the Living Tales

The world of fairy tales becomes a reality in Night If the Living Such, an Evoplay slot launched in October 2022 that has awakened our interest thanks to its spectacular graphic and sound section and some interesting mechanics. If you want to relive the classic story of Snow White against the evil witch, look at your online casino this game, we tell you because you must throw a tienting.

Night of the Living Such, a duel between the princess and the witch

Night of the Living Such is an online slot for use with a good design and some decisions that make it highlight between the current catalog. Aesthetically it is precious, with animations that highlight a lot, especially in the two bonus modes with which you count. The music on your part is adaptive, it fits perfectly with your setting and is very well composed, being very pleasant to listen, ideal for long games.

For its part, the rules make Night of the Living Such, a very conventional digital slot. It puts us in front of a 5 roller board with 3 rows in which up to 15 different combination lines are formed. As usual, these lines only count on 3 figures or matching symbols from the left roller. The game has a variety of scarce symbols, being only 8 different symbols during normal runs and another 2 that appear each in one of the two bonus modes.

The symbols that appear during regular strips are the following:

  • 4 low-value thematic symbols represented by iron, copper, silver and gold coins with values ranging from 0.1x the value of the bet on x12.
  • 3 high-value thematic symbols represented by keys, a comb and a magical mirror. The value of its prizes varies from a minimum of 0.7x to a maximum of X100 with respect to the value of the bet carried out.
  • Wild symbol, an enchanted book that replaces any of the previous symbols.

The other two symbols available during free strips are Wild symbols with changes in their effects, adding rules apart from replacement.

But first let's talk about how these bonus modes are activated. At Night of the Living Such they have opted for an accumulation system instead of special symbols such as the usual scatter. This system works based on the consecutive times that earn or loses. Every time you win a blue flower it opens, an effect that disappears when the opposite happens, and is that when losing it is a red flower that opens. For the Bonus of Snow White, it is necessary to win 5 times consecutive, instead, for the Bonus of the Witch you must lose 7 consecutive times.

When the White Bonus is activated, the player will get 7 free spins in which he can get the Light Wild. It is a symbol of wildcard as the usual WILD that only appears on the 2nd and 4th roller and that in addition to its wildcard function, it will add another free spray.

On the other hand, when the bonus mode of the witch is activated, the player will get 5 free spins in which he can get the Dark Wild. This other symbol of wildcard can appear on the odd rollers and offers two very interesting rules, the first is that it is fixed in the position for the rest of the free runs and that increases the prize multiplier by 1. at the end of the runs From the witch, the player will get the total of the award multiplied by the number of Dark Wilds he has achieved.

Thanks to these two simple rules that encourage you to continue playing both in good and bad rachas, the game is able to offer a high volatility and a very substantial maximum prize of 2,529.75 times the value of the bet. Taking into account that the minimum to bet is 10 cents and the maximum, 100 coins, this gives for a uncoatable award of 252,975 credits. All this accompanied by the usual return to the player of 96.02%.

It's Night of the Living Such a good online slot

Sincerely, yes. We are facing a slot with an aspect that cheats and is that thanks to your bonus modes it becomes a game that encourages you to keep trying runs until one of its great prizes. In addition, it is very nice to see and listen, a safe bet.

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