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RTP 96%
volatility Media

Penalty Shoot Out

The catalog of online casinos is growing and that makes the most traditional games like card games or slots have to reinvent themselves continuously to highlight and feel fresh. That is why some developers like Evoplay are betting on new and simpler formats, which allow immediate and short-term games to the player. It is the case of Penalty Shoot-out, a game of instant random set in the exciting world of football.

The tension of the penalties in a click, so it is played to penalty shoot-out

Nothing more starting the game has a brief and practical tutorial that explains its operation. First the player must choose the country to which he wants to represent, once he was selected, he will find a ball in the foreground and in front of the goal with the doorman. To begin with, you should only click on playing and decide which of the 5 available points of the goal you want to kick, or you can leave it in the hands of random.

Once the ball is triggered, you can get a goal or the porter to stop it. If you get a goal, you get a first X1.92 prize multiplier over the amount bet, there you can decide whether to risk or raise the prize. If the player decides to kick again, he can achieve a greater multiplier, being the following of 3.84 and the consecutive X7.68, X15,36 and X30,72. A very simple performance for a game that allows you to be careful and take some low profits or take risks to get a prize of up to 2,500 credits.

The game has a comfortable return to the 96% player and allows bets of at least one credit and a maximum of 500 credits. Something that makes your prize maximum, tasting, is unattractive for great gamblers who dare to play it with high quantities.

Penalty Shoot-out, our verdict

As you will have been able to check for the brevity of this review, Penalty Shoot-Out of Evoplay is a very direct, fast and simple gaming game. This does not make it less interesting, but more basic. It is a good alternative to cast fast games and try to achieve decent prizes.

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