Slot review

RTP 96%
volatility ALTO

Treasure Mania

A pixie has stolen the sack with the gold of the mine and your mission is to recover it. Take yourself in Treasure Mania online slot, a game of 20 prize lines, bonuses, mini games and much more. All this awaits you in this new creation of Evoplay for 2022 that we have reviewed and reviewed in depth so you can know everything.

Join us in the honest review and opinions of Treasure Mania by Evoplay.

A mine, a goblin, a hen and much more in the Treasure Mania slot

If what you are looking for is a surprising and carefree slot, Treasure Mania is for you. It has it almost everything to be a new classic of online casinos both in its free version and in its full version. The first thing to be highlighted are your 3D graphics, created with great care and designed to make this game an authentic experience.

After passing the introduction, it is very worthwhile to see at least once, we will enter a slot with a classic, 5 × 3 and 20 prize lines, but with a different aesthetics where the figures appear in railings on rails . In this game we have eight figures with which to conform prizes, divided into two blocks:

  • Low Awards: They are the minerals black, pink, blue sky and yellow. The prizes here range from X0.1 by three equal figures of black, up to x5 bet on five equal figures of yellow color
  • High prizes: are the blue, green, red and lilac gems. The prizes range from X1 by three equal figures of blue, up to X50 by the five equal lilac figures.

In the base game dynamics we can get the mysterious symbol. It is one or several covered wagons that may appear anywhere on the game screen. When they stop, we will reveal a game symbol, which can be a figure or even another bonus figure.

Regarding the risk of this slot, Evoplay reports that volatility is located in the middle-high strip and the return to the theoretical player is at 96.05%.

Bonuses and Extras in Treasure Mania

Treasure Mania shows that it is on the extras where we are authentic emotion in the slots. But we started from less to more with the wildcard. The wildcard is represented by a wagon with a W that when it appears replaces any figure on a possible reward line, except for the other bonus figures. This figure can also appear in the form of wildcards.

The first wildcreen train can appear on the central roller after a print without a prize and its wildcards behave like simple wildcards. If we do not form a prize with the wildcards, then another wildcreen train will appear on a random roller until the prize.

The two protagonists of this game, the dwarf (Dwarf) and the goblin (Goblin) have their own figures. The goblin can appear on the central roller, while the dwarf will only appear on the rollers 2 and 4. When we have at the same time a figure of each, the game of the mine will be activated.

In the game of mine, all the symbols will disappear except the empty wagons and the goblin. The game of the mine consists of 10 rooms where the player must choose one of the two doors: one allows to continue the game while the other ends. Throughout the room, the player will be able to collect coins, objects with a prize value. Finally, on the final screen, the goblin hides a 500x prize the bet.

Our Verdict of the Treasure Treasure Mania by Evoplay

This slot is one of the most original and casualties that we have reviewed from here and we do not say it because yes. It is full of detail that will enchant the most demanding players, but also that they have made us laugh. Have you tried to leave the game on Stand-by? In a short time inactivity, the hen will come to claim your presence. Only for that, we have to recommend giving an opportunity to this game.

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